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June 24, 2021

Control Mosquitoes While Increasing Revenue

Control Mosquitoes While Increasing Revenue

In the past, vector control was considered more of an add-on service. Today, many PMP’s have created a steady source of revenue with reoccurring mosquito services. Let’s look at some service applications that a PMP can perform and how they fit into your service portfolio.

Wide Area Mosquito Control


Most mosquito control districts, governments and non-profit organizations perform these applications on a regular basis using truck-mounted ultra-low volume equipment as well as aircraft for large mass areas.

There are plenty of opportunities for the PMP to engage in these types of applications. Some small towns and communities don’t have the resources to have their own employees trained or licensed to perform these applications.

Here are several examples of “wide area” application opportunities for engagement:

  • Gated communities
  • Homeowner associations (HOAs)
  • Camp grounds
  • RV parks
  • Resorts
  • Zoos
  • Golf courses
  • Parties
  • Theme parks
  • Baseball fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Church events
  • Any industrial sites including petroleum chemical facilities

CSI offers several products fit for these “Wide Area” applications

Vector Control Online 

Mosquito Misting Systems


Installing and servicing these systems provides an opportunity for reoccurring revenue. The idea behind this concept is to install equipment that will deliver a small amount of product, through a series of nozzles, around the structure to control mosquitoes or other insects. Generally, these systems are set on an automatic timer to go off several times of the day and night. CSI offers several products labeled for misting systems including: Vector Ban, Vector Ban Plus, Mosquito Mist Ultra Stryker® and Stryker® 5-25.

For many Pest Management Professionals mosquito control presents a variety of opportunities to increase revenue and drive profits to your bottom line.



Applying product that is labeled for applications to standing water where mosquito larvae live is known as larviciding. NEW to CSI is Tekko® 0.2G, a mosquito larvicide used in the larvae breeding environment to affect the developing population before they can become biting adults. Often, in mosquito management programs, control of the larval and pupal stages is not a primary focus. However, to obtain optimal control of all stages of mosquitoes, it is good practice to add a larvicide into your treatment program. Learn more about NEW Tekko 0.2G HERE.

Barrier Treatments


These applications have become one of the fastest growing segments in the pest control industry. Some of the fastest growing franchises in the pest management industry have built business models around these barrier treatments. Most PMP’s use backpack mister-blowers to apply an adulticide and/or growth regulator around the target area of control. CSI’s DuraFlex CS  is the first microencapsulated concentrate that combines Bifenthrin with Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen. These 3 actives provide 3 modes of action. DuraFlex is low odor, fast-acting, and breaks the life cycle of listed pests, such as mosquitoes.  PMP’s looking for an extended residual time will find that CSI’s ProFlex delivers great results, up to 90 days of no callbacks, that stand the test of time, especially in sweltering summer months and other adverse conditions.

The Power of Combination Chemistry

In 2014, CSI launched Tekko® Pro, a proprietary combination chemistry® that is a growth regulator (IGR) containing two active ingredients, Pyriproxyfen and Novaluron. These two actives have different modes of action which makes Tekko® Pro an ideal fit within your integrated pest management approach.

Combination Chemistry Online

Make every single application count with Proflex®, a  microencapsulated concentrate containing Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Novaluron, and Pyriproxyfen. These 3 active ingredients provide 3 modes of action that make ProFlex® your fast-acting and long-lasting solution for several hard to control pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas and ticks. Recently, Control Solutions, Inc. launched the first 2 products with a ZC formulation in the US, read more about these products HERE.

Incorporating mosquito control to your service offering will help you grow your business, and CSI is here to support you. With our first-class technical expertise and our broad, affordable and effective product portfolio, we can help no-matter what application type you choose.

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Proflex 90 days no call backs Online

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