Stryker® 100

General Insecticide

Stryker 100 is labeled for indoor or outdoor application as a direct, space, area or contact spray. Dependent upon the insects and areas to be treated, this product may be applied through mechanical aerosol (non-metered) or ultra-low volume (ULV) generators, as well as thermal and conventional fogging or spraying equipment.

Product Details

Use Sites: Commercial Areas (including Food Handling Establishments, Food Service, Storage, Preparation, and Processing Areas), Institutional Areas, Recreational Areas and Residential Area
Effective Against: Bees, flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, weevils, moths, worms, grain borers, fleas, ticks, cattle lice, spiders, mites, beetles
Active Ingredients: 5% Piperonyl butoxide 1% Pyrethrins
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