Permethrin 13.3%


For use inside and outside. Controls insect pests for up to 4 weeks. Home uses include: pantries, bedding, kitchens, buildings, carpets and clothing. Can be used in handheld foggers or automatic misting systems. One quart makes up to 48 gallons for contact and residual sprays, and up to 266 gallons for large animal sprays.

Product Details

Use Sites: indoor, outdoor, lawns, horses, swine, cattle, cows, beef, dairy, animal housing, barns, kennels, yards, dairies, stables, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, chickens, misting, dogs, pour on, backrubber
Effective Against: flies, face flies, horn flies, stable flies, house flies, lice, fleas, ticks, mites, ants, mosquitoes
Active Ingredients: 13.3% Permethrin
Restrictions: Restricted Use in Connecticut and Vermont
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8 ounce
Code: 82004491
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693044913 1 3.75 1.25 6 0.5 lbs.
Case 072693449138 12 7 10.75 7 7.5 lbs.
Pallet 144 cs. 1190 lbs.
1 quart
Code: 82004493
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693044937 1 5.5 2 9.5 2 lbs.
Case 072693449350 12 15 10.5 10.5 30 lbs.
Pallet 50 cs 1565 lbs.
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