Pystol is used in automatic misting systems in barns and outdoor residential yards. One 2.5 gallon container makes up to 55 gallons of solution for misting systems. This product mixes with water, and gives the fast knockdown needed to control flying insects, while also providing residual protection.

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Use Sites: automatic misting systems, in and around barns and residential yards
Effective Against: fleas, flies, mosquitoes, house flies, horn flies, stable flies, deer flies, fruit flies, bot flies, midges, face flies
Active Ingredients: 0.55% Pyrethrins 5.5% PBO 1.1% Permethrin
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2.5 gallon
Code: 82004610
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693046108 1 8.5 10 13.75 25 lbs.
Case 072693461000 2 14.25 10 15.5 46 lbs.
Pallet 36 cs. 1687 lbs.
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2.5 Gallons

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