General Insecticide

Stryker is a multi-purpose concentrate insecticide that contains 6% pyrethrins and 60% piperonyl butoxide for a fast knockdown and efficient control of insect pests. Stryker can be mixed with other insecticides or insect growth regulators to enhance its effectiveness.

Product Details

Features & Benefits:
  • Wide area adult mosquito control
  • May be applied through mechanical aerosol or ULV generators including thermal fogging equipment
Use Sites: in and around residential buildings and structures, ornamentals, bushes, flowers, fruit and nut trees, shade trees, vegetables, roses, directly on animals and other livestock
Effective Against: cockroaches, bed bugs, biting flies, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, silverfish, stink bugs, spiders
Active Ingredients: 6% Pyrethrins 60% Piperonyl butoxide
Restrictions: Restricted Use in Connecticut
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1 pint
Code: 82100100
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693010048 1 4.75 1.75 8 1 lbs.
Case 072693010017 12 12.25 9 8.75 15 lbs.
Pallet 150 cs. 1080 lbs.
1 gallon
Code: 82100104
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693010482 1 6.75 4.5 13.75 8.75 lbs.
Case 072693010413 2 10.75 7.5 12.5 19 lbs.
Pallet 96 cs. 1205 lbs.
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