Mosquito Mist Ultra

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Mosquito Mist Ultra is a powerful misting concentrate that can be applied by ground or aerial equipment with versatile application methods. MMU uses a mix of Permethrin and PBO to provide a quick knockdown of many common pests, such as mosquitoes and flies, but also a long lasting residual to kill pests on contact even after application.

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Features & Benefits:
  • Mosquito Mist Ultra is for use in automatic misting systems, barrier sprays, ULV, thermal and aerial applications
  • One quart makes up to 55 gallons of finished solution with a dilution ratio of 1:219 (32 ounces/55 gallons)
  • Flexible formulation can be diluted with oil or water
Use Sites: animal quarters, roadsides, urban areas, residential areas, commercial areas, industrial areas, golf courses, parks, recreational areas
Effective Against: mosquitoes, biting flies, biting midges
Active Ingredients: 20.6% Permethrin 20.6% Piperonyl Butoxide
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1 gallon
Code: 82300306
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693451681 1 6.75 4 11.5 8.7 lbs.
Case 072693451612 4 15.25 10 12.5 36 lbs.
Pallet 48 cs. 1985 lbs.
1 quart
Code: 82002492
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693249257 1 4.5 3 9.38 2.3 lbs.
Case 072693249509 6 9.25 9 9.88 15.5 lbs.
Pallet 80 cs. 1345 lbs.
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