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June 18, 2018

Benefits of Todal Nematicide Insecticide


Todal Benefits Graphic

  • TODAL can be used in rotation with NIMITZ® Pro G for a complete Nematode program.
  • Powered by the proven active ingredient Abamectin, TODAL is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation designed to move quickly into the soil to where parasitic nematodes are found for prompt, comprehensive control at the source.
  • Controls the most problematic nematode species on contact including sting, root-knot and lance.
  • Allows flexible application rates and season-long rotations for effective agronomic program.
  • TODAL helps shield roots from nematode damage and drought, which results in more durable, stress tolerant turf that can recuperate more quickly from stresses like disease and aerification.

Jake Wylie

Mid-South Sales Representative

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