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July 24, 2018

Controlling Mosquitoes in the Summer

Controlling Mosquitoes in the Summer

Have a mosquito problem?  Who doesn’t?!  For most of the country, summer means mosquitoes.  But take heart!  Here’s some steps you can take to still enjoy the season.

Step 1: Source Reduction

Mosquitoes need water to survive, so don’t give them a home in your yard!  Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water or areas where water collects.  Eggs hatch and the immature stages develop in standing water.

You’ll find them in bird baths, rain barrels, clogged roof gutters, old tires, wading pools, ornamental ponds, garbage cans, pet bowls, plant saucers and fountains. Removing these water sources will eliminate the immature stages. If you can’t remove them all, empty any containers of standing water every 2-3 days.

Step 2: Insecticide Treatments

Unfortunately, there are natural areas (and neighbors’ yards) where water sources can’t be eliminated, and mosquitoes don’t respect property lines.  So, despite your efforts, you’ll probably have mosquitoes in your yard.

When mosquitoes aren’t biting and annoying you and your pets, they rest in plants and tall grass around your house and yard.  By applying insecticides to these and other resting areas, you can reduce the biting nuisance by killing mosquitoes on your property. 

Step 3: Coverage

Control Solutions has several products for controlling mosquitoes.  Whichever you choose, it’s important to apply a thorough cover spray to ornamental plants next to building foundations, lawns, surfaces of porches, buildings, screens, overhangs, window frames, garages, patios and other areas where these pests are active.  Yards or other frequented areas bordered by landscaping can benefit from the creation of a mosquito barrier to reduce invading mosquitoes by the treating the perimeter vegetation.

Choosing the Right Product for Control

Cyonara Lawn and Garden Ready-to-Spray

Martin's Brand Cyonara Lawn and Garden Ready-to-Spray

Cyonara® Lawn & Garden Ready-to-Spray (L&G RTS) is our easiest product to use.  It’s packaged in a hose-end sprayer, so no measuring and mixing is needed.  Just shake well, connect the RTS nozzle to a hose and follow the application directions on the label. One quart of Cyonara L & G RTS will cover 16,000 square feet (about ⅓ of an acre).

Martin's® Permethrin 10%

Martin's Brand Permethrin 10%

Martin’s® Permethrin 10% is an economical concentrated product. It is diluted in water and can be applied with many types of hand and pump sprayers.

Cyzmic® CS

Cyzmic CS

Cyzmic® CS is a controlled release insecticide and a product used by one of the major national mosquito control franchise companies.

Like Martin’s® Permethrin 10%, Cyzmic CS is concentrate that is mixed with water.  It can be applied in all types of standard application equipment.

Our war with mosquitoes will probably never end, but you can win the battle this summer and still enjoy the season!

(Be sure to read the entire product label and follow all label directions when you use any pesticide product.)

Doug Ross

Technical Services Manager Martin's Brand

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