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June 29, 2017

Fuse Foam: Your Go-To Product

The Magic Behind FUSE® Foam

Recently, Control Solutions Inc. launched a revolutionary product into the marketplace: Fuse® Foam. The magic behind FUSE® Foam is Combination Chemistry®. With one application, you have the benefits of two highly effective active ingredients: Fipronil and Imidacloprid. This product is extremely easy to use, with a flexible hose and injection tip. Non-repellent insecticides have become the go-to product for control of many hard to kill pests, such as termites and ants. Fuse® Foam is labeled for and effective against termites, wood boring insects, ants, carpenter bees, and stink bugs.

Used Practically Anywhere

FUSE® Foam is a flexible product. An applicator is not limited to interior applications with Fuse® Foam; apply indoors AND outdoors. FUSE® Foam can be used to control insects where they are found or suspected to be; including: in nests, galleries, harborages and voids. Treating locally with FUSE® Foam is allowed as part of a larger more extensive treatment as well, adding practicality.


Indoors, apply Fuse® Foam to any accessible void where you think the pests might be. Often, drilling a small access hole will be necessary for application. Applications of FUSE® Foam are allowed in and around commercial and residential structures. Treating structural and non-structural elements that can potentially be attacked by, or provide harborage to, insects is allowed as well.


Outdoors, treatment of insect harborages associated with utility poles, fences, bridges, landscape timbers, under slabs or other non-structural elements is also allowed with this product. Outdoor applications can also be made to trees, shrubs, tree stumps and exterior wooden structural elements. PMPs can also break open exposed shelter tubes and apply the foam directly into a foraging tunnel. For ants, including carpenter, ghost and Argentine, applicators can inject the foam directly into suspected harborage voids or cavities; fuse can also be used directly on foraging trails as a spot treatment.

As always, please be sure to read and follow all label instructions.


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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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