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March 23, 2018

How To Control Fire Ants in As Little As 2 to 3 Days

How To Control Fire Ants in As Little As 2 to 3 Days

For the first time ever 3 active ingredients; Fipronil, Bifenthrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin have been combined to deliver fast and long-lasting fire ant control.

No other insecticide granule combines two modes of action to maximize results in a single application.



Lambda-Cyhalothrin- provides a quick knockdown agent providing fast results and riding your course of fire ants within the first 2-3 days of use.




Bifenthrin- provides longer control and extends the life of the knockdown treatment.



Fipronil - gives a final powerful kick of season-long control and protecting your course from fire ants.

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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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