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August 9, 2018

How to Effectively Apply Pressurized Solutions Aerosols

Knock 'em dead on the first shot.

Updated May 2022

Typically, when we think of stinging insects, we think wasps, hornets, and bees. These guys are pests, and they threaten your customers and their peace of mind. But these pesky insects don’t stand a chance against CSI’s new family of Pressurized Solutions.

Here’s how to apply aerosols in a way that gets you happier customers and hopefully more referrals.



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Stryker W&HK is essential for any wasp call, but it can also be used on nests you know are threatening the area.  Start with a 20-foot spray distance, coupled with a tight, controlled spray pattern. One can should easily treat 2-3 average sized nests. Additionally, you won’t lose spray pressure until it is completely empty, allowing all the product to be used in each can. Stryker Wasp and Hornet Killer is a one-and-done solution.

With 3 IGRs, including the power of hydroprene 

New call-to-action Tekko Trio Foam is an aerosol foam. This innovative product is meant to cling and expand in voids, drains and other areas that are traditionally hard to reach with a liquid application. These areas are also the areas where flies tend to breed. It’s expanding foam formulation means the PMP can easily see where the foam has been applied so fewer areas are missed. With 3 IGRs, including the power of hydroprene, Tekko Trio Foam reaches not only where a PMP can see the foam but the volatile IGR hydroprene penetrates deep in to cracks and crevices where pests hide and breed. Tekko Trio foam clings to drain walls, the undersides of prep tables or other equipment where liquids will not stay.

Flush insects out easily with no residue 


If you think aerosol means you have to forego cracks and crevices, think again. The injector on Stryker 54 allows you to flush insects out easily for quick knockdown and no residue. Flexible in a variety of situations; commercial and residential accounts, Stryker 54 gets the job done quickly and easily. We think Stryker 54 is useful as an inspection and identification tool. Apply indoors, outdoors, and for those “green” or sensitive accounts against a wide range of pests. For the best results, start from the top and move down slowly, holding with a tight grip, and controlled spray.

Long lasting results with Spectre PS 


Kill the pests you don’t see with Spectre PS in your arsenal. The easy to use actuator gets the product where pests hide, crawl, or breed. Spectre PS can be used with baits and IGRs as part of a whole IPM program. Start with applying 1 sec. per linear foot in heavy infestation cases. Move the easy-to-use flip-up injector tip along cracks and crevices or void spaces at the rate of 3 linear ft/sec. For lighter infestations, move at a rate of 3 linear ft/sec.

Provides 90 days of residual control 

Pivot Ultra Plus CTA

Pivot Ultra Plus contains three active ingredients to help in flea management. A combination of adulticides and an insect growth regulator work together to manage flea populations in treated areas. One application of Pivot Ultra Plus kills adult and larval fleas, while the IGR affects hatching eggs.  Contains 1% Etofenprox, 30% Pyriproxyfen and 0.05% Prallethrin.

CSI is committed to providing PMPs with proprietary blends containing Combination Chemistry®. CSI, Innovation you can apply. Make sure and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on NEW product launches, promotions, give aways and more!

CSI Pest Team

CSI Pest Team

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