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June 23, 2020

Introducing Doxem IG a proprietary granular insect bait


A proprietary outdoor / indoor insect bait

Insect baiting is popular for pest management for many reasons: baits are very target specific, little active ingredient is applied, and baits are ready to use so no special equipment or mixing is required before application. DOXEM IG is an excellent addition to pest management indoor and outdoor baiting protocols.

What is DOXEM IG?

DOXEM IG is a brand new, highly attractive granular bait that is highly attractive to pests. DOXEM IG is formulated with two active ingredients (indoxacarb and novaluron). This new bait is effective by providing an attractive food source cockroaches and other occasional invaders are motivated to find and consume.


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How does DOXEM IG work?

DOXEM IG contains 0.22% Indoxacarb and 0.1% Novaluron. Indoxacarb is designated by the EPA to be a “reduced-risk” pesticide and belongs to the family of chemicals known as

oxadiazines. These work by preventing sodium ions from entering nerve cells. This causes

paralysis and ultimately death to the insect. Insects affected by indoxacarb will stop feeding and show lack of coordination or paralysis. Novaluron works by disrupting the normal growth and development of immature insects by interfering in the production of chitin. works by contact and ingestion. Insects affected by novaluron cannot molt to adulthood or reproduce, stopping the next generation of pests.


It is no secret that some pests have begun to develop a resistance to insecticides. These insects have the ability to pass their resistance on to their offspring, making it only a matter of time before a given population could essentially become insecticide-proof. However, CSI’s new DOXEM IG is a great tool for pest management professionals to add to their arsenal of effective treatments. The Combination Chemistry of Indoxacarb and Novaluron deliver 2 modes of action to affect pests. This reduces the chances for affected insect pests to build resistance to both active ingredients.



DOXEM IG is great for tough to manage indoor pests, is extremely attractive and efficacious against many target pests such as; house and field crickets, American, Turkestan and Oriental cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish and ants (except fire, harvester, carpenter and pharaoh ants). The active ingredient in Doxem IG is unlikely to harm non-target species. It may be applied into crawl spaces, basements and attics of structures, or into bait stations in basements attics to manage these pests, giving PMPs another option for managing pests in difficult to access areas. 



The DOXEM IG label allows for applications on turfgrass, boundary applications and perimeter applications. These can be made around homes, residences, businesses, office complexes, shopping areas, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, schools, golf courses, sports or athletic fields or other turf areas.


Data and Research


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Doxem IG was placed into arenas with Oriental cockroaches on mulch. It was still very effective against Oriental cockroaches in these conditions as well. Doxem IG outperformed both the leading competitor and Niban granular bait. *Niban® is a registred trademark of Nisus Corporation.

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Bait applications typically occur in areas with mulch or turf. This study compared DOXEM IG, a leading competitor and Niban granular bait. Each bait was tested when applied onto mulch. DOXEM IG was still effective at killing American cockroaches and out performed both competitive products. The bait is still attractive and effective in the presence of other food or in tough environmental conditions.*Niban® is a registred trademark of Nisus Corporation.


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After a full 14 days of aging the bait under outdoor conditions, exposed to UV light, irrigation and dew formation, DOXEM IG is still effective at killing American cockroaches. 

*Data shown in this document is from Texas A&M University, 2017, 2018


Why Choose DOXEM IG?

DOXEM IG is a proprietary formula containing two active ingredients that help combat and manage resistance, therefore minimizing call backs. Not only is it easy-to-use but is weather resistant  for up to 2 weeks and labeled for both indoor/outdoor treatments. Requiring no PPE, DOXEM IG has been tested and proven to be effective in studies conducted at independent labs and universities. To learn more about DOXEM IG visit our website! 



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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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