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September 3, 2021

Introducing SUPRADO Insecticide

Quali-Pro’s Suprado is a game changer

Word is getting around that Quali-Pro’s Suprado is a potential game changer for many struggling with managing annual bluegrass weevils (ABW). Results from 3 years of testing with multiple researchers are clear: A single application of Suprado provides excellent protection from ABW damage. Suprado’s patent–pending formulation includes the active ingredient Novaluron, and can accomplish this in multiple ways.

Suprado has an IRAC Group 15 mode of action, interrupting the production of chitin in insects. Without chitin, the main component of insect exoskeletons, insect larval stages can no longer complete molting to progress to the next growth stage and die. This activity allows Suprado to provide excellent control of ABW larvae, even on the earliest stages that are feeding internally.


But what about adult ABW as they emerge and migrate in the spring? Suprado’s active ingredient has been shown to reduce the ability of adult insects to successfully reproduce, and the research shows that ABW are no exception. In fact, over multiple years of field and lab assay work, targeting adult ABW at peak spring migration or slightly after has provided exceptional prevention of larval stages. This makes Suprado an excellent choice for the traditional “adulticide” timing application, which is where ABW program efficacy is often weakest due to pyrethroid resistance and dwindling chemical options.


Speaking of pyrethroid resistance, all of the above attributes of Suprado have been against a documented pyrethroid-resistant ABW population that Dr. Ben McGraw of Penn State describes as the “toughest population I work on.”

So where can Suprado fit into your program? As seen above and outlined below, Suprado timing is versatile. Program A leads into the season with excellent prevention of larvae by rendering congregating adults unable to reproduce successfully. This is likely the best opportunity for exceptional prevention of damage. If confident in your current “adulticide” timing approach, Suprado can also excel at controlling the post-hatch, smaller larval stages that feed internally in Program B. This allows it the versatility to be a new rotational chemistry, reducing overreliance on a few chemical groups at the early and middle life stages.



While a single application of Suprado also gives excellent control of the large, 4th and 5th larval stages feeding externally, this later timing window may already have damage becoming apparent and would not be ideal as a “rescue” type treatment. Additionally, this activity on adult reproduction, eggs, and all larval stages makes Suprado an excellent choice for populations with overlapping growth stages that may occur further into the summer months.

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With this kind of efficacy and a brand–new mode of action, bringing Suprado into your ABW game plan can not only improve it, but help ensure it remains effective in the long run by keeping ahead of potential resistance.

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Always read the label thoroughly before use, and for additional information, visit or contact your Quali-Pro Area Manager.



Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Ian Rodriguez Technical Service Manager Quali-Pro

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