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May 12, 2021

Killing Ticks and Eliminating Those Tick Borne Diseases

Killing Ticks and Eliminating Those
Tick Borne Diseases

As Ticks continue to make headlines across the country, and seem to be making appearances everywhere this year. Control Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides several highly effective and economical options for tick control. This particular public health threat has a somewhat complex life cycle, a series of molts and growth stages that involve a blood meal for each step of the way.
To treat indoor areas infested with ticks, we offer two great aerosol choices: Pivot Ultra Plus and D-Fense NXT.

Pivot Ultra Plus Online-tick borne diseases
Pivot Ultra Plus is an all-in-one option for treating pet resting areas and carpeted areas. The flexibility of making broadcast applications means a PMP is not limited to crack & crevice applications, instead, entire areas can be treated. When making applications, adult ticks contacted by spray will be killed. The second mode of action found in Pivot Ultra Plus, an insect growth regulator, this helps to manage ticks by inhibiting reproduction.

D-Fense NXT-tick-awareness-wkOne of the challenges in managing indoor infestations is dealing with ticks that are not on or near the ground. D-Fense NXT can be applied into higher cracks & crevices such as upper door frames, around window framing, behind pictures or other areas where female ticks may crawl and lay eggs. Additionally, D-Fense NXT can be used to treat cracks and crevices such as behind baseboards and edges of carpet and floor covers where ticks can hide. This multi-mode-of-action aerosol will provide quick knockdown and long term population management. Ticks often require repeated treatments and D-Fense NXT allows for re-treatment daily if necessary.

Bifen I/T Online
For outdoor tick infestations, we recommend combining Bifen I/T and Tekko Pro to manage tick populations. By tank mixing these two products, an adulticide and a dual mode of action insect growth regulator (IGR), PMPs can attack tick populations with 3 separate modes of action. Bifen I/T containing bifenthrin is especially efficacious on mites and ticks and is an excellent choice for this type of pest management. The addition of Tekko Pro helps to reduce the number of adult ticks that develop – reducing the population. It also inhibits adults exposed to Tekko Pro from producing eggs, also reducing the overall population. Another option is to apply Tekko Pro prior to tick season to assist in population reduction. By making applications to areas where ticks infested in the past, future adult emergence and infestations can be avoided.

Tekko Pro Online
Pesticide applications are no replacement for tick vigilance. If you or your customers spend time in tick infested areas, be sure to thoroughly inspect for small ticks and remove them as quickly as possible. If possible, preserve any ticks collected in 90% ethanol (alcohol) in case more information is needed in the future.


The Dangers of Tick Borne Illnesses

A RECENT STUDY by the CDC reports that since 2004, the number of reportable vector borne diseases has more than doubled to more than 59,000 cases in 2017. These vector borne diseases included a huge number of Lyme disease cases – which are typically acquired through the bite of a blacklegged tick.

So what can your customers do to protect themselves while in the outdoors? It’s actually quite simple.


Follow these steps to reduce chances of being bitten by mosquitoes and ticks:

  • Use a CDC RECOMMENDED INSECT REPELLENT on your clothing and other exposed areas
  • Wear light colored clothing
  • Wear loose fitting clothing
  • Wear long sleeves and long pants and in some cases a hat
  • When you get home perform tick checks – a partner is helpful when looking for small immature ticks

It’s easy for customers to get distracted by their fun outdoor activities, forgetting the dangers that lurk while on an outdoor hike or enjoying their fall picnics. Blood feeding arthropods such as ticks and mosquitoes are common throughout the united states and pose a threat not to just their comfort, but also their health.

CSI is committed to providing PMPs with proprietary blends containing Combination Chemistry®. CSI, Innovation you can apply.

***always read and follow label instructions before applying a pesticide.

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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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