The Birds & the Bees

These insects get a lot of attention because they tend to be attached to each other at the rear end, performing the “dance of the birds and the bees.”

"Family Bibionidae and are commonly known as March flies"

To entomologists, these insects are known as a fly in the Family Bibionidae and are commonly known as March flies. They are small to medium sized flies that are dark colored. Many have red, orange or yellow thorax (the area right behind the head).

Life Cycle

Like all flies, these insects have a larva stage we refer to as a maggot. The maggots of march flies live in decaying organic matter and in/around plant roots. Adults emerge, feed, mate and quickly die.
They are not considered a pest fly, however, cars driving through active march flies become decorated with their smashed bodies. In some cases, their numbers can get high enough to obscure the driver’s vision.


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