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June 23, 2020

Mole Cricket Control just got a lot easier

DOXEM IG is now on the menu for mole crickets

Mole crickets are widely regarded as the most damaging insect pest in warm season turfgrass.  By now, this season’s new generation have hatched and are foraging through the soil.  Even with good monitoring and a well-planned preventive approach aimed at young nymphs, these highly motile insects may still present a challenge later in the season as the damage increases along with their increase in size.  Extensive tunneling can cause soil drying and loss of turf.  Whether dealing with breakthroughs in a preventive program or simply looking for a convenient curative solution when mole cricket damage shows up in areas unexpectedly, Doxem IG, a new granular bait from Control Solutions can help.

Doxem IG combines two active ingredients on a carrier that mole cricket nymphs and adults are drawn to as a food source.  Indoxacarb is a “reduced risk” insecticide that disrupts signaling between nerve cells of insects, effectively paralyzing them.  Novaluron is an insect growth regulator that blocks the production of chitin, the main component of insect exoskeletons, and works by contact and ingestion. 

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As an alternative to curative spray applications for mole cricket damage, Doxem IG has a number of advantages:

  • Doxem IG is labeled for all turf areas except sod farms
  • Doxem IG requires no mixing
  • Doxem IG does not require spray equipment
  • Doxem IG does not require watering in
  • Doxem IG does not require PPE
  • Doxem IG is low odor
  • Doxem IG can be applied with a spreader, shaker, or even by hand
  • Doxem IG also helps control other cricket species, roaches, silverfish, and nuisance ants in and around structures

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Average mole cricket tunneling 2 and 7 days after treatment (DAT) with Doxem IG.  University of Florida, 2017.

Doxem IG should be applied when the leaf surfaces are dry to allow it to reach the turf-soil interface.  If drought conditions are also present, irrigating the day or morning before application can help draw mole crickets to the surface where they will more likely encounter the bait. 

In the coming months, whether mole cricket damage turns up on a golf course, sports field, commercial, or residential setting, Doxem IG can come to the rescue and bring lots of convenience with it. For more information on Doxem IG make sure to visit our website.   

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Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Ian Rodriguez Technical Service Manager Quali-Pro

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