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March 4, 2019

Multiple Solutions to Combat Soil Pathogens

Multiple Solutions to Combat Soil Pathogens


As the Spring season approaches, it is time to dial in your preventative fungicide program.  Research has proven that initiating preventative fungicide applications, when two-inch depth soil temperatures reach 55°F, results in reducing the symptoms of root pathogens during the season.  Although turfgrass does not show signs of the root attacking pathogens such as brown patch, fairy ring, summer patch and take-all patch until the mid-season summer stress period, the fungi are active in the Spring.  Turfgrass disease symptoms are typically worse when wet conditions are followed by drought.


The ideal timing of preventative fungicide applications for soil borne pathogens is Spring.  It is recommended that these applications be coupled with a wetting agent and irrigated to the depth in which the fungi are active in the root zone.  For increased efficacy, consider timing the applications closely following aerification practices.


Quali-Pro offers multiple solutions to combat soil pathogens, including fairy ring – Strobe Pro SC, Strobe Pro G, Strobe 50WG, Strobe 2L, and Tebuconazole 3.6F.  Remember to irrigate after fungicide application for best results.  

Strobe Pro is a liquid azoxystrobin/propiconazole combination product labeled for use on athletic fields, commercial/residential properties as well as golf courses. Two applications of Strobe Pro applied at 3 fluid ounces/1000 ft2 on a 28-day interval has proven successful in the prevention of root attacking fungi resulting in healthy turfgrass systems year-round.

Strobe Pro Online Strobe Pro Detailer

Strobe Pro G is the granular azoxystrobin/propiconazole combination on a Verge carrier labeled for use on athletic fields, commercial/residential properties as well as golf courses, specifically on bunker surrounds and clubhouse grounds.  A 4 pound/1000 ft2 rate of Strobe Pro G is recommended on a 28-day interval for the control of brown patch, fairy ring, summer patch and take-all patch.

Strobe Pro G Online  Strobe Pro G Detailer

Strobe 50 WG, a 50% Azoxystrobin in a wettable granule formulation labeled for sod farms, ornamentals, residential and commercial lawns, parks and recreational areas and golf course usage.  Turf use rates range from 0.2-0.4 ounces/1000 ft2 every 14-28 day.

Strobe 50WG Online Strobe 50WG Detailer

Strobe 2 L is liquid formulation of Azoxystrobin containing 2.08 lbs of active ingredient per gallon.  A low use rate of 0.38 to 0.77 fluid ounces/1000 ft2 every 14 to 28 days is recommended for soil borne diseases. 

Strobe 2L Online Strobe 2L Detailer

Tebuconazole 3.6F, is a liquid 38.7% tebuconazole formulation designed for golf course use. Use rates range from 0.6-1.1 fluid ounces/1000 ft2 for preventative patch disease and fairy ring control.  Make preventative application at 55 to 60 °F soil temperature with a wetting agent and irrigated to the depth of the pathogen; reapplication of Tebuconazole 3.6F for fairy ring suppression should be made on a 21-day interval.  Use caution with DMI fungicide interactions with plant growth regulators.

Tebuconazole 3.6F Online Tebuconazole 3.6F Detailer

TM 4.5 Flowable offers systemic and preventative protection against many diseases with the active ingredient Thiophanate Methyl.  TM 4.5 offers summer patch disease control at a use rate of 3.5 to 5.3 fluid ounces/1000 ft2 applied every 14 to 21 days.  This is a great rotational product for use in a program to combat fungicide resistance.

Key Points

  • Sound turf management practices should be integrated with fungicides to produce healthy turf.
  • Initiate preventative fungicide program when soil temperatures reach 55 °F in upper 2”.
  • Combine a wetting agent with the selected fungicide and irrigate the products to the root depth or fungal activity.
  • Some turf disease pathogens are known to have developed resistance to products used repeatedly for their control; alternate fungicides with different modes of action to combat resistance.
  • Using a pesticide in a manor inconsistent with its labeling is a violation of the law, ALWAYS read and follow the label recommendations when using a pesticide.

Shannon Slevin

Northeast Territory Manager

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