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September 24, 2018

Negate Now Labeled for Residential Turf

Negate Now Labeled for Residential Turf

Negate product bottle

The long wait is over for those Lawn Care Operators who have desired for a cost effective and superior product that can add to their bottom line! That’s right, Negate 37WG Herbicide is now labeled for residential turf and is an excellent source for fighting Poa Annua as well as Ryegrass infestations. A huge benefit for choosing Negate 37WG over other products is cost, Negate is approximately half the cost vs. Revolver at labeled rates - depending on targeted weed species.

N Negate Online

Negate 37WG is a unique dual powered post-emergent Sulfonylurea herbicide for grassy and tough broadleaf weed control in your established warm season turfgrasses. This superior herbicide contains Rimsulfuron 16.67%, Metsulfuron methyl 20% and is effective at lower use rates (1-5% of other herbicides).

How Does Negate Work?

Root Shoot Absorption demonstration image

Negate works in two ways, shoot absorption and root absorption.  In shoot absorption the herbicide covers the leaf surface of the targeted weed and becomes lipophilic moving across the cell membrane, then is translocated throughout the plant. Disrupting the branch-chain amino acids and causing the internal plant toxicity and ultimately death. During root absorption the herbicide particles that are not absorbed by the foliage can also be absorbed by the plants root system as particles move downward through the soil.  As Negate is taken up by the roots, it is also translocated throughout the plant.

With low use rates and low re-entry intervals of just a few hours after treatments, NEGATE is even safe for a backyard picnic! For more information on broadleaf weeds and grasses controlled by Negate 37WG herbicide, as well as use sites and other helpful information please visit the Quali-Pro product page.

With low use rates and just a few hours of re-entry intervals after treating, NEGATE is even safe for a backyard picnic!

Chris Butcher

Southeast Sales Representative

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