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February 6, 2019

Quali-Pro is excited to bring you FLEX-GUARD

Quali-Pro is excited to bring you FLEX-GUARD

flex-guardIntroducing FLEX-GUARD Fungicide powered by the active ingredient Fluazinam, the only turfgrass fungicide classified by FRAC in group 29.  Fluazinam works by disrupting multiple metabolic processes within fungal cells.  The multi-site mode of action of Fluazinam makes FLEX-GUARD a powerful fungicide to combated fungicide resistant pathogens. 


FLEX-GUARD is a contact fungicide labeled for use on golf course turf for the control of dollar spot, brown patch, leaf spot and many other common diseases.  FLEX-GUARD contains 4.17 pounds of active ingredient (Fluazinam) per gallon with a label use rate of 0.5 fl oz/1000 ft2.

Flex-Guard Online Flex-Guard Detailer

Application interval of FLEX-GUARD is every 14 days and should be applied preventatively for best results.  FLEX-GUARD is labeled for up to 12 applications a year, allowing this multi-site mode of action to be the backbone of your contact fungicide program.



Active Ingredient:     40% Fluanzinam

Packaging:     4 X 1 Gallon/Case

Application Rate:     0.5 fl oz/1000 ft2

Signal Word:     Caution

FRAC Code:     29 (uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation)

Application Sites:     Golf Course Turf (Trees, Greens, Fairways and Roughs)

Diseases Controlled:     Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot, Melting-out, Brown patch, Large patch, Red thread, Anthracnose, Pink and Grey Snow Mold, Microdochium, Stem rust and Algal scum.

Chris Butcher

Southeast Sales Representative

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