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December 7, 2022

Quali-Pro’s Suprado Honored by Golfdom’s 2022 Supers' Choice Awards

Suprado had a phenomenal year


Golfdom's 2022 Supers’ Choice Awards list, published by the national trade publication Golfdom magazine, represents the best products of 2022 and of all time. These products are nominated by the Golfdom audience, comprised of 32,115 unduplicated and audited print and digital magazine subscribers, who rely on them year-round.


What are the Golfdom “SUPERS’ CHOICE AWARDS”? 


In Golfdom’s inaugural Supers’ Choice Awards, superintendents share their favorite products of today and of all time. With over 50 products listed, the best of the golf industry is well represented.


“Watching this list of nominations materialize over the last six months shows the dedication and willingness of this industry to share their knowledge by any means available to them,” Golfdom Publisher Craig MacGregor says. “We asked for, and they provided the best of the best in 2022. My favorite part of my job is the fantastic people I get to meet and speak with every day. Our readers are busier than ever. The Supers’ Choice Awards doesn’t just represent the 50 top products of 2022, it represents our audience’s willingness to help and their dedication to the game of golf, something I’m most proud of being a part of.”


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Why Suprado is an All-Time Favorite.


For many golf course superintendents, annual bluegrass weevil (ABWs) presents an interesting challenge. As ABW larvae feed on annual bluegrass, large areas of turf turn yellow and die, which is an eyesore on greens and fairways. 


Quali-Pro recognized the challenges superintendents faced and jumped into action, creating Suprado Insecticide powered by the active ingredient Novaluron. Novaluron works as a chitin synthesis inhibitor, interfering with the insect’s ability to create chitin, a vital part of the exoskeleton, causing abortive molting, and killing the larvae. 


The Success of Suprado Speaks for itself.

It took years of research and development effort and the support of several University professionals to make Suprado what it is and to earn the trust of golf course superintendents. Now, after the first season of use, Suprado has proven itself as an effective product in the battle against annual bluegrass weevils and become an all-time favorite of superintendents.  

When applied at peak adult activity, Suprado has proven 95% plus efficacy on ABW control. Research is ongoing with additional turf pests, including application use rates and post-application irrigation volumes. Suprado is now registered for use in the majority of the United States; Quali-Pro is waiting on approval for the State of New York.


Learn more about the success Superintendents are experiencing with Suprado and why they rely on Suprado to tackle even the most difficult annual bluegrass weevil problems; check them out below.


Suprado Testimonials 

Quali-Pro Team

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