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May 20, 2021

Restaurant Wars: Winning the Battle Against Pests

Pest Control Is Essential to A Restaurant's Reputation

Restaurants and food handling establishments vary in size, shape, geographic location, pest pressure and the types of pests that are the most problematic. At any given time, a PMP can face a variety of pests in a single location. Restaurants typically require regularly scheduled service visits to maintain an acceptable level of pest presence, but when and where should a PMP
focus their time and effort to manage certain pests? Treatments should be directed at pest harborage areas or applied
with a specific pest in mind. Understanding the sites and reasons pests are thriving is important for control and minimizing their resources. Making targeted application to these sites are critical for pest management.


Cockroaches spotted in a restaurant can be a business owners’ worst nightmare. Known to carry bacteria, cockroaches can also be a source for allergens, and can ultimately cause major customer complaints. They can easily hide in cracks, crevices and harborage areas behind walls, coming out to forage, often at the most inopportune time. They can be brought into the restaurant in many ways including deliveries and shipments, quickly establishing large populations. A restaurant’s sterling reputation can quickly be tarnished by sightings or reports of these pests.

Before the initial treatment, consult with the staff, janitorial crew, office management, or chef for areas of concern and recent history of activity. Complete a thorough inspection of the property to determine sanitation procedures, and overall maintenance and upkeep level of the account. Properly identify the pest in question.

Next, assess the population size, location and severity. Be sure to note conducive conditions and recommend repair/mitigation of these conditions to appropriate personnel. These efforts will assist in the reduction of cockroach infestations and harborage. CSI’s premier product for treating cockroaches is the Precision Delivery System (PDS) featuring Doxem® Precise. Doxem Precise withstands extreme temperatures common in commercial kitchens. Its quick and long-lasting formulation makes it a simple solution for cockroach infestations. Administer applications of 3-8 seconds into cracks and crevices deep into voids, reaching areas never accessed with a bait before. The PDS makes it possible to place Doxem Precise up to 24 inches into a void. Be sure to avoid contaminating any food/feed products or preparation surfaces, dishes or utensils at the time of treatment.


PDS testimonials


• Refrigerator/freezer units

• Unplugged electric/motorized equipment (motor housings, compressors)

• Ice makers

• Cabinetry

• High moisture areas (dishwasher, sink)

• Convection ovens/microwaves/fryers

• Bar areas

• Cardboard box storage

• Receiving areas

• Garbage/trash dumpsters

• Grease pits/containers

Application of Doxem Precise in commercial and food handling areas is limited to crack and crevice treatments only. These types of applications may be made while the facility is in operation. PMP’s will be happy to find that Doxem Precise reduces callbacks and keeps working for up to 2 years. The variety and amount of food found in and around a dumpster area provides adequate food for foraging insects. By creating a band of palatable, attractive bait with Doxem IG around a trash or refuse area, cockroaches can be managed before they gain access to the dumpster. Doxem IG is a fast acting granular bait that can control a wide range of pests both indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a broadcast treatment, perimeter treatment, or as a spot treatment around insect harborage areas outdoors. It can also be applied along boundaries (such as fences). 

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To battle tough fly problems in commercial kitchens, finding the source is critical for control. In many cases, the source of a fly problem includes both attractive oviposition (egg-laying) locations and food sources. Key areas around a restaurant that are notorious for fly problems include sinks, drains, bathrooms, bar areas, drink dispensers, and other warm, moist places where organic matter collects. In areas where liquid insecticides would drain away before being fully effective, a product like Tekko® Trio Foam will do the trick. The unique dry-foaming formulation fills voids, cracks and crevices of equipment, walls, drains and other similar areas, directly targeting potential breeding sites. The triple-threat of insect growth regulators (IGRs) in Tekko Trio Foam will stop flies from completing their life cycle and prevent future generations from developing. We recommend regular applications of Tekko Trio Foam into these fly breeding areas to provide continuing control as new organic matter is deposited.


tekko trio foam CTA

For horizontal surfaces in kitchens, Tekko Pro is an excellent choice. Tile floors often have cracks or damaged grout that can collect organic debris and moisture, which flies will feed from or even breed in. Using a product like Tekko Pro in these areas will get the IGRs where you need them to prevent fly development and reduce pest activity. Tekko Pro is a concentrate and can easily be mixed with an adulticide to speed up control.

For long lasting fly control in areas where adult flies rest, we recommend using ProFlex®. Interior and exterior walls, resting sites, around dumpsters and dumpster enclosures, and entry points can be treated with this three-in-one product. If adults are resistant to the adulticide, the IGR active ingredients decrease the number and successful hatching of eggs laid by exposed adults.


Monitoring and removal of infested food should always be the first step in managing a stored product pest (SPP)
infestation. Identification of the pest and locating the source of the insects should provide a PMP information needed to develop a successful management plan. Start by cleaning-up any infested material and discard it or remove it from the site. Follow up with crack & crevice application of a trusted adulticide, such as Spectre 2 SC or a non-repellent aerosol like Spectre PS. Treating in and around the area will usually suffice to stop the population from spreading.AdobeStock_198823632

Many areas around a restaurant or commercial kitchen have difficult-to-reach places that can accumulate foodstuff, which lures in and encourages pest activity. Inaccessible areas where food can accumulate and isn’t easily cleaned or removable should be treated with Tekko Trio concentrate or Tekko Trio Foam. These three-way IGRs should be the “go-to” treatment for long term management of stored product pests. By treating the accumulated inaccessible food, the PMP has effectively created a SPP bait station that will stop future generations! The unique 3-way IGR combination in Tekko Trio breaks the life cycle of stored product pests, preventing them from becoming reproductive adults, and ultimately stopping population growth.


The goal when combating any ant problem in or around a restaurant is to keep ants out of and off the structure and away from the patrons and food. Typically, when ants are observed trailing on the exterior perimeter of a structure, a non-repellent insecticide is preferred. Fuse® is a new concept in exterior perimeter applications. As one of the first Combination Chemistry™ products introduced by CSI, Fuse combines the power of not one but two active ingredients and two modes of action
for effective perimeter ant control. Fuse offers PMPs flexible perimeter pest applications and customizable pest management programs. The non-repellent formulation, once applied, cannot be detected by foraging ants. Their continued normal behavior causes them to unknowingly pick up a lethal dose as they pass through the treated zone.

Combination chemistry CTA-restaurant-wars If a repellent perimeter product is desired to manage ants before they enter a structure or become a problem, ProFlex is an excellent choice. This product contains three different active ingredients with three distinct modes of action. ProFlex makes dosing and measuring easy so PMPs can spend more time solving their customer’s problems and less time reading and interpreting labels. With long-lasting benefits and superior active ingredients, ProFlex is the perfect product for PMPs looking for a simple, easy to use product that can exclude and repel foraging ants.


The newest tool in the fight to manage silverfish is one you might not expect. Doxem Precise has shown to be extremely effective at not only reaching into areas where silverfish are active but managing tough populations. PMPs finally have a tool to reach for that will control silverfish populations where they live: deep in wall voids, under cabinetry, and other inaccessible areas.

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For outdoor dining, Stryker® Wasp and Hornet Killer kills wasps and hornets on contact from up to 20 feet away. It
knocks them down so quickly that they do not have time to release their stinging (alarm) pheromones, which in turn reduces the possibility of the applicator being stung. Stryker® Wasp and Hornet spray is for use outdoors, in crawlspaces, and in attics. It is electrically non-conductive at up to 37,160 volts which makes it perfectly safe to be used around electrical equipment.

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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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