October 8, 2018

Successful Fall Season Preparations for Transition Zone Turf

Successful Fall Season Preparations

for Transition Zone Turf

Fall is the prime time preparation season before unpredictable winters arrive. Making sure the right preparations are taken during the fall can ensure a beautiful spring reveal. Here are a few successful tips we recommend for your course.

Warm season turf can become susceptible to pesky Winter Annual weeds that germinate in late summer and early Fall. To name a few;  annual ryegrass, annual bluegrass, rescue grass, bur-clover, chickweed, henbit and mustard weeds. These annual weeds can stick out like a sore thumb, if your tees and fairways appear as if you’ve abandoned them, not to worry, we have you covered……

Prodiamine 65WDG and Prodiamine 4L

Quali Pro’s Prodiamine 4L or Prodiamine 65WDG applied in early Fall can help to keep your warm season tees and fairways weed free heading into winter.  For total coverage of broadleaf weeds as well, Quali-Pro’s Isoxaben 75WDG is an excellent choice.

Poa Annua, cool season, and grassy weeds can also be problematic in warm season turf. Negate 37WG Herbicide Quali Pro’s Negate 37WG herbicide which is now labeled for residential turf, can help you clean up your tees and fairways, you can learn more about Negate 37WG here.

For both Pre and Post Emergent weed control, we have you covered!  Keep your turf weed free, enjoy the winter, and get a head start on 2019!

Mike Daugherty

Northwest Sales Representative

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