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July 10, 2019

Summer Turf Care Checklist

Summer Turf Care Checklist

July, August, and September.  Summer is in full swing, and with it comes different challenges depending on the region.  Quali-Pro has a full arsenal of solutions for the summer’s most predictable and “least wanted” problems whether north or south.


Northern Summers

Dollar spot can be an issue all summer long.  Resistance to several fungicide modes of action (MOA) have been confirmed making a rotational program a must.  Combining the low resistance-risk Chlorothalonil with a rotation of Propiconazole (DMI)or Ipro2 (dicarboxamide) can provide a good start.  The multiple MOAs in Enclave also fight resistance while providing control, and serves well as a foundation to build a seasonal program on with less tank mixing and fewer products to buy.



On the summer insect front up north, it is not too late to reduce late summer and fall damage from annual grubs like masked chafers with an application of Imidacloprid.  Remember to water sufficiently to move the product through the thatch layer for best results.



Southern Summers

Unfortunately, imported fire ants are active and widespread in summer and pose a potential health risk to people and pets.  Taurus Trio G is easy to apply and provides good knockdown and excellent lasting control for fire ants as well as good mole cricket prevention.  Bifenthrin remains a standard, fast curative treatment for the peak of chinch bug season and can continue to be a valuable rescue tool as sod webworms and armyworms begin showing up later in the summer and into fall.



Way down in St. Augustinegrass regions, heavy summer rains are often followed by increased take-all root rot activity, which, true to its name, can result in total loss of turf if not controlled.  University work has repeatedly shown that the most dependable curative approach for this disease are products combining a DMI and a strobilurin such as Strobe Pro, which can provide control up to 28 days and allow time for good root regeneration and returning color.



Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Ian Rodriguez Technical Service Manager Quali-Pro

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