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October 9, 2020

TAURUS® DRY, The Next Generation of Termite Treatments has arrived


The Next Generation of Termite Control

Control Solutions, Inc. is proud to introduce Taurus® Dry, featuring the Precision Delivery System (PDS). This innovative combination brings the professional market a brand new option for managing termites! Taurus Dry was developed so pest management professionals (PMPs) have a simple, easy to use, precise, and effective method to control termites. This combination makes application of termiticide in hard to reach areas or against tough to manage termite species easier than ever before. “This is not your father’s termite treatment!”



Taurus Dry is a dry flowable formulation designed to be applied via the PDS for the control of almost any species of termites in nearly any type of situation and in any type of structural wood. The flexibility in applications make it a “must have” for termite control technicians. The PDS makes applications into carton material/nests, shelter (mud) tubes, voids, galleries, or any other wood from soil line to roofline easy!  Taurus Dry can help address the most challenging termite problems quickly, effectively, and precisely with the simple pull of a trigger.





The formulation consists of a proprietary, non-repellent material, and the active ingredient fipronil. The end use product is delivered as very small particles – this allows application via the PDS and penetration into voids, galleries, shelter tubes and nests. Wherever air can flow, Taurus Dry can flow.



To make applications with Taurus Dry and the PDS, access voids, galleries or shelter tubes and actuate the PDS for the appropriate amount of time. The PDS dispenses 0.05g of Taurus Dry per second of trigger actuation time.

Please refer to the product label for more specific information on application rates and sites.

PMPs can make applications of dry product and penetrate deep into voids where termites, cockroaches and other pests hide.



Studies demonstrate that Taurus Dry is capable of topical or physical transfer among nestmates, meaning untreated termites can be affected by interacting with treated ones. This sharing of Taurus Dry material and active ingredient means the product will spread throughout the colony, killing more than just the termites that were treated at the time of application. Taurus Dry typically takes about 2-3 days to begin to see results. It can be reapplied if termites are still active after 30 days.



Business owners and technicians can save time and money by having a powerful product and application tool to manage termites in many tough situations. Taurus Dry, combined with the Precision Delivery System, gives PMPs the ability to directly access termite harborages, giving immediate access to critical areas where termites are found. Taurus Dry can be used away from the structure itself, providing flexibility in treatment for a holistic approach to termite management. Ultimately, solve termite problems in less time, everytime.




Taurus Dry featuring the PDS is only available to PMPs via our distribution partners. This highly professional system will increase the perception of professionalism and expertise for our industry while providing outstanding results. The combination of a highly effective product and a superior delivery system means PMPs can increase both their efficiency and effectiveness of their applications. Contact us to find a distribution partner near you!

CSI is committed to providing PMPs with innovative ways to combat pests, save time, save money and reduce call backs. CSI, Innovation you can apply. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on  Facebook and Twitter!


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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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