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April 13, 2018

Termites or Carpenter Ants?

Skimping on regular PMP inspections can be costly


A recently added customer of Enviro-Pest Management, the Chavezes, had no idea what was lurking behind the walls of their home until demolishing their master bath.

At first glance the damage appeared to be that of subterranean termites. The homeowners gave Will Fowler of Enviro-Pest Management a call. Fowler inspected and found they had an infestation of carpenter ants and recommended TAURUS® SC for treatment.

“Carpenter Ants love moisture; eliminate your moisture problem and solve your carpenter ant problem,” says Fowler

Anytime you have a moisture issue from a leak or plumbing problem within your walls, there is a  possibility of having some kind of pest problem.

Carpenter Ants Evidence of Frass-1

Dr. Janis Reed, BCE Weighs In On The Importance of Regular PMP Inspections

Typically, carpenter ants enter a structure due to other previous damage. That damage can originate from several sources including moisture and previous termite damage.

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Regular inspections by a pest management professional can help identify not only conducive conditions but also direct evidence of carpenter ant activity such as frass, insulation or other debris removed from nesting areas. Additionally, professional PMPs are trained to recognize potential plants or other structural features providing entry to the structure.

Carpenter Ants Outside Swelling

Carpenter ants, unlike termites, do not consume wood, but rather they utilize the wood or other voids as nesting sites. This is accomplished by hollowing out galleries inside the wood. These galleries or other voids typically have a smooth, almost sanded appearance inside.

Carpenter Ants Up Close

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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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