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June 17, 2019

The Key to a Successful Fungicide Program


Since its introduction, Quali Pro Enclave has become established as a long-lasting, successful fall approach to preventing snow mold in northern settings.  Enclave is also a great choice further south as a  preventive fall application for spring dead spot in bermudagrass.  In addition to single-app preventive programs, Quali Pro’s Enclave is also a great foundation product in building preventive programs aimed at dollar spot, anthracnose, and other diseases with extended pressure windows.  Enclave is the first turfgrass fungicide product to combine 4 active ingredients: 

  1. Chlorothalonil, a contact fungicide with multi-site activity which remains on the plant surfaces, providing immediate protection from infection.
  2. Iprodione, a fungicide with local systemic activity that prevents spore germination and mycelial growth by inhibiting DNA production.
  3. Thiophanate methyl, an upward-moving, systemic fungicide with protective and curative activity based on the disruption of fungal cell division.
  4. Tebuconazole, another systemic fungicide with curative and protective activity targeting fungal cell membrane production.

Enclave Product Online

These 4 active ingredients represent separate modes of action denoted by the FRAC Codes M5, 2, 1, and 3, respectively.  This combination gives Enclave several advantages:

  • No tank mixing required.
  • Need for ordering multiple products can be eliminated.
  • Contact activity provides immediate foliar protection while systemic ingredients protect against crown and root pathogens and extend control against a broad spectrum of diseases.
  • Synergism: Combining chemistries allows for excellent control at lower active ingredient loads, increasing the number of applications allowed per season and minimizing the potential side effects of higher rates such as growth regulation. 
  • Resistance Management: Multiple modes of action reduce the likelihood of the development of resistance in a disease.  Additional, unused modes of action are still available as rotational partners between Enclave applications, such as Strobe (11), or an SDHI (7) along with Flex-Guard (29) as an additional contact option.

Strobe Family Products

Flex-Guard Product Online


Whether used as a long-term, fall preventive application or part of a rotational program, Enclave is a convenient, powerful, and economical tool for disease management that also responsibly reduces the likelihood of resistance development on your course.

Product Sources Online

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Strobe Family Products

Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Ian Rodriguez Technical Service Manager Quali-Pro

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