July 16, 2019

What's the Difference Between Nullify and Eraser

What's the Difference Between Nullify and Eraser

If all the recent headlines and news stories about Roundup® (glyphosate) have you searching for an alternative weed killer, Control Solutions has what you’re looking for.

Martin’s® NULLIFY A/P is a water-soluble, broad-spectrum, non-selective herbicide. It is a versatile, non-glyphosate option for weed control.  Applied as a foliar spray, NULLIFY A/P will control emerged annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds.


The active ingredient in NULLIFY A/P glufosinate-ammonium, has a long track record as a key product in global agriculture.  It’s been used safely for 30 years, and to-date, there have been no known cases of harm to people when used according to label instructions.  When used as directed, NULLIFY A/P will not contaminate the environment, and it is safe for animals.

While glufosinate, the active ingredient n NULLIFY A/P, sounds a little bit like glyphosate, the active ingredient in (Eraser / Roundup), it is not the same.  Although the two products do have some similarities, they also have some important differences.


  • Non-selective – control a wide variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • No soil activity - must be applied to the foliage of actively growing plants to be effective. Both break down in soil and are not taken up by plant roots.

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  • The biggest difference between NULLIFY A/P (glufosinate) and Eraser (glyphosate / Roundup) is that Nullify is a contact This means NULLIFY A/P is effective only where it comes into contact with the plant, killing the plant without affecting the roots.  In contrast, Eraser (glyphosate / Roundup) needs to  translocate (move) from the plant leaves (where it is sprayed) to the roots to kill the plant.
  • With NULLIFY A/P some withering of leaves and young shoots of treated plants may be observed within 2 to 4 days after application.   It frequently takes longer, sometimes up to 2 weeks, to see the effects of Eraser (glyphosate / Roundup) on treated plants.

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So, if you want to move on from (Eraser / glyphosate / Roundup) to another effective, time-tested herbicide, try Control Solutions’ new NULLIFY A/P.

Doug Ross

Technical Services Manager Martin's Brand

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