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January 23, 2023

Winter Weeds in The South

Wintertime has arrived in the Southern States

Wintertime has come in the Southern States and this year has brought colder than usual temperatures and even snow in some unusual places. Warm Season Turfgrasses have gone dormant and the winter annual weeds have germinated in both the dormant turf and the surrounding landscape beds. These annual weeds can be problematic because they not only stick out like a sore thumb but can be difficult to remove because of the slow response to chemistry in the colder temperatures.

Flumishield SC is a new product for the Quali-Pro brand. Flumishield SC has the active ingredient Flumioxazin which is an effective post-emergent and pre-emergent solution for landscape beds and dormant turfgrass. The post-emergent activity from Flumishield SC is a quick burn down of emerged leaves which help clean up areas quickly and then the residual activity will inhibit weeds from coming back or new weeds to start which is highly advantageous during the cooler months of the year when activity can take longer.

QP_FLUMISHIELD pak size.graphic-1

Flumishield SC applied in the late fall in the southern states as dormancy sets can be effective at gaining pre-emergent control in the spring on Barnyardgrass, Crabgrass, Dandelion, Foxtail, Pineapple Weed and Goosegrass to name a few. Flumishield SC is also effective as a post emergent on tough weeds like Morning Glory, Nightshade, Pigweed, Russian Thistle and so many more.

The flexibility of both post and pre-emergent control from Flumishield SC will help with any management plan. Gaining the advantage over winter weeds early in the winter season is key to help you be successful and provide the best product to your customers. Contact your local Quali-Pro Area Representative if you have questions about the best timing or questions about specific pest problems you may be working with.


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Justin Ruiz, CGCS, MG

Quali-Pro West Area Manager

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