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August 13, 2018

IGRs and Tekko Technology

IGRs and Tekko Technology

The potential of insect growth regulators (IGRs) to control pest populations depends on their ability to stop molting, metamorphosis and reproduction.  Two common classes of IGRs are juvenoids and chitin synthesis inhibitors (CSIs) which are designed to affect the insect’s natural hormonal system regulating molting, metamorphosis, and reproduction and ultimately manage pest populations.   

The Power of Tekko Technology

While using pyriproxyfen alone or in combination with an adulticide can be an effective solution for several pests, including cockroaches and fleas, it can take quite some time to see the IGR effects, oftentimes leaving homeowners to witness JHA-affected adults still active in their homes.  That’s where Tekko Technology comes in. 

2 Classes of IGRs

Tekko Technology is the idea of combining two classes of IGRs, a juvenoid + a chitin synthesis inhibitor, allows for multiple opportunities for these compounds to disrupt development. 


Combination chemistry CTA-restaurant-wars

A Tekko Technology treatment leaves few to zero adults developing after the immature forms have been exposed.  These Tekko exposed immatures rarely make it through a molt thanks to the combination of IGRs Tekko Pro: novaluron + pyriproxyfen.  Tekko Pro can be useful in any situation where insects are living, breeding, harboring or developing. Shown to have a long residual, Tekko Pro can be applied into these areas and will provide long lasting results.

Tekko Technology + Adulticide

When combined with an adulticide (in products featuring Tekko Technology) the chances for developing a resistant population dramatically decreases. Additionally, re-infestations or new pest introductions can be controlled by stopping development and reproduction. Studies at various research laboratories and universities have proven the Combination Chemistry® in Tekko Technology works better than the IGRs alone. When these unique IGRs are combined, they work in a whole new way, causing effects not seen with either product alone – a synergistic effect. They work together to provide better, faster and more effective pest management.



We are proud to be able to offer Tekko Technology to the pest management industry and excited to witness the amazing results our customers are sharing with us.

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Janis Reed, Ph.D., BCE

Director Product Development & Regulatory

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