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March 13, 2023

Introducing DOXEM Plus Fire Ant Bait

Crash The Colony, Kill The Queen 

The red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) is a menace throughout much of the southern United States. They have painful stings and their nest building creates unsightly mounds on lawns and turf. Additionally, fire ants can be a huge problem in electrical equipment and can even cause electrical shorts with their chewing.

What is Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait? 

CSI recently launched a new proprietary fire ant bait, Doxem Plus. This innovative bait will control fire ants all season long, killing the queen and entire colony. Additionally, this bait will also prevent new fire ant mounds from appearing up to three months.

Baiting attracts foraging fire ants. As fire ants search an area for food, they pick up the bait and then take it back to the colony. Then, the bait will be shared with nest mates and spread throughout the colony – eventually killing the queen and eliminating the entire colony. Additionally, broadcast treatments of bait in an entire area ensures that ants will pick up the bait even when mounds are not visible and colonies are small, which may be missed otherwise.

How do you use Doxem Plus FAB?

For broadcast applications, it’s best to apply the bait in early to late spring when foraging ant activity begins and before the new colonies grow large. Additional treatments may be needed in midsummer and the fall to completely manage fire ants, depending on the amount of activity in an area.

Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait

In addition to broadcasting, individual mound treatments may also be conducted using Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait. Mound treatments can be beneficial when treating really small areas or to treat those few mounds that may pop up between treatments. To apply to a mound, simply use the shaker cap and sprinkle the bait around, not directly on top, of the mound.

Remember that bait is food and to keep bait fresh before use. After opening the bait package, you will want to use the bait quickly. Fire ants may not forage at the heat of the day, so it’s best to apply bait when fire ants are actively foraging. Additionally, Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait should be applied when the ground is dry and when rain is not in the forecast within a minimum of 4 hours after application.

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Brittany Campbell, Ph.D., BCE

Technical Services Manager PCO Product Development

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