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April 26, 2024

Unlocking Ant Control: 5 Questions with Dr. Brittany Campbell

BC_Tech Services TeamAnt management presents some big challenges for PMPs. Dr. Brittany Campbell, Technical Service Manager at Control Solutions, Inc., answers some FAQs about ant control and the CSI products available for your ant management program.

What triggers ants to move indoors?

Many ants that are found indoors are not actually nesting within the structure. Instead, the nest is often located outside but foragers roam indoors in the search for food and water. Often-times, ants move indoors when they are impacted by outdoor weather conditions, including heavy rain, drought, and drastic swings in hot or cold temperatures. 

How do you use Control Solutions Doxem Precise Dry Flowable Bait for ant control?

Doxem Precise is applied using the Precision Delivery System (PDS). The PDS is a unique applicator that allows PMPs to know exactly how much Doxem Precise they are applying for each second the trigger is pressed. Individual placements of bait should be put into areas where ants are found trailing and in potential harborage areas.

When would you apply Doxem Precise vs a gel bait?

Think of a dry flowable bait differently than a gel – where are all the deep-hiding areas that ants may be and other areas you can’t reach with just a gel? That is where you can really get a leg up using a dry flowable bait formulation. Think deep behind equipment, voids, inside of cracks or in situations with high heat where gel may run.

Doxem Precise

What other CSI products can be used outdoors for perimeter ant control?

We have a variety of products with several different active ingredients that can be utilized for perimeter pest control to manage ants. Choose one of our products containing a pyrethroid when you want quick control of ants on the exterior. For larger populations or tricky situations, Fuse is an excellent non-repellent option. The slower action of this product, containing both fipronil and imidacloprid, allows for more ants to contact the treatment and will enhance colony reduction.

How can I become more successful as a technician with my ant management?

Ant identification skills are imperative. It takes significant time and effort to learn ant biology and characteristics, but it is vital to excel at ant management. So, persistence is key in making a great ant technician. You need to spend time searching for foraging trails, locating nests, and doing a thorough inspection to identify conducive conditions. Also, learn to effectively communicate your findings to customers so they see the value of your hard work.

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