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March 20, 2023

Force Fire Ants to SURRENDER

Introducing NEW SURRENDER® Fire Ant Bait 

Springtime brings good news and bad news. The good news - warmer weather means you’ll be spending more time outside.

The bad news - there’s fire ants out there. But there’s more good news.

Martin’s has a brand new product - Surrender Fire Ant Bait – that delivers a whole new level of fire ant control. Surrender Fire Ant Bait joins Surrender Fire Ant Killer as Martin’s second solution for fire ant control. While both products take no surrender and leave your yard fire ant free, the two products work differently. Read below to learn which Surrender product is right for you.  


Surrender Fire Ant Bait  

Surrender Fire Ant Bait is an attractive granular food material containing 3 active ingredients:  an insecticide and two insect growth regulators.  The yellow bait, which has a moderately sweet odor, is attractive to fire ants, fast acting and effective. 

Outdoor baiting for fire ants is popular for many reasons: baits are specific for ants; a small amount of insecticide is applied compared to other methods like sprays; and baits are easy to use.  There’s no mixing required.  

Foraging fire ants find the attractive bait granules and carry them back to the nest under the mound.  Here they feed the bait to the queen and developing ants.  This spreads the bait throughout the colony, killing the queen, developing larvae and foraging workers and eliminating the entire colony underneath the mound. 

Surrender Fire Ant Bait can be applied two ways.  First, you can spread it directly out of the shaker cap top around (not on top of) mounds and to small areas.  For perimeter or broadcast  treatments, put the bait into a spreader.  Both mound and broadcast applications deliver season-long, 90-day control of fire ant mounds. 

Each bottle of Surrender Fire Ant Bait can be used to control up to 24 mounds. 



Surrender Fire Ant Killer 

In addition to Surrender Fire Ant Bait, Martin’s still offers Surrender Fire Ant Killer.  Surrender Fire Ant Killer works to kill fire ants by contact. It has a stronger odor and a more immediate impact on fire ants. Applying 1 to 2 teaspoons of this proven product to a fire ant mound quickly kills foraging fire ants. 

A single one pound can of Surrender Fire Ant Killer treats up to 108 fire ant mounds.  

Both products can be applied to lawns, recreational areas, golf courses and other non-crop/non-grazed areas to control fire ants.  

When using Martin’s Fire Ant Bait or Martin’s Fire Ant Killer, please read the entire label and follow all directions and precautions. 

SURRENDER Fire Ant Killer 

Doug Ross

Technical Services Manager Martin's Brand

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