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July 3, 2023

Kill Mosquitoes Like A Pro with Mosquito Pro

How to Break the lifecycle of mosquitoes 

Have a mosquito problem? Who doesn’t? For most of the country, warmer weather means mosquitoes. But take heart! New Mosquito Pro Ready-to-Spray is the solution to your mosquito problem. Professionally designed for the homeowner, Mosquito Pro provides long-lasting protection against mosquitoes and other pests.

When mosquitoes aren’t biting and annoying you and your pets, they rest on plants and tall grass around your house and yard, especially in shady areas. Applying Mosquito Pro to these and other resting spots kills mosquitoes and reduces the biting nuisance on your property.

Mosquito Pro kills mosquitoes on contact AND breaks their lifecycle, controlling mosquitoes around your home, lawn and landscape for 60 days. Here’s how it works!

Mosquito Lifecycle_graphic

Unlike other products, Mosquito Pro is formulated with 3 powerful insecticides that get to work immediately and last long after the application. The first insecticide in Mosquito Pro kills biting adult mosquitoes. The other two insecticides prevent mosquito eggs and larvae from developing into biting adult mosquitoes.



Mosquito Pro features the power of CapVantage™ Technology! CapVantage uses microcapsules, or “bubbles”, with different capsule wall thicknesses, to protect the insecticides from outdoor conditions and control the insecticides’ release rates. This allows Mosquito Pro to start working quickly and continue to work overtime for 60-days of protection!

No mixing or measuring is required! Simply attach Mosquito Pro to your garden hose and spray! One bottle covers up to 8,000 square feet!

The powerful combination of three insecticides and CapVantage Technology makes Mosquito Pro your first – and last line of defense against mosquitoes!

Mosquito Pro Ready-to-Spray. Professionally designed for you – the homeowner.


Mosquito pro

Doug Ross

Technical Services Manager Martin's Brand

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