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About Us

We appreciate your interest and thank you for your business. During the first seven years of our existence, Quali-Pro has been able to introduce post-patent formulations that are better than the original products. Since day one, Quali-Pro has been taking full advantage of the latest technologies to deliver products featuring formulation quality second to none for performance results that are basically better than the competitive products they replace. Our parent company, ADAMA formerly Makhteshim-Agan Industries, is the largest post-patent manufacturer and formulator in the world, putting Quali-Pro in a unique position among post-patent companies. You’ll discover Quali-Pro delivers the products and performance you expect –– featuring quality that’s Basically Better than the original registrant – backed the full support of our Sales and Technical Services.


Golf Course Lawn Care

golfCourse quality rules. At Quali-Pro we understand the need to keep your course at its best for the lowest possible cost. And that’s The Basic Difference you’ll get with Quali-Pro. Our manufacturing capabilities combined with the latest advanced formulation technologies allows Quali-Pro to deliver the products you want and need for less. And the people of Quali-Pro can help you put together programs with high-quality, high-value products, from herbicides to insecticides, fungicides to plant growth regulators, that will keep your course at its best without compromising your budget. And that makes all the difference in the world.


Nursery & Greenhouse Care Products

nurseryBeauty is always a best-seller. From producing better results to keeping ornamentals and nursery stock looking its best, Quali-Pro offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that combine unsurpassed quality with unequalled value. That’s “The Basic Difference” Quali-Pro has built its reputation upon. Each and every product is formulated using the latest technology and university tested to prove its efficacy. You can expect the best in product and service from the people of Quali-Pro. From problem solving to profitability, we are on the job to help you make the most of your work in the nursery and greenhouse. And that’s a valuable difference.


Lawn Care

lawnA well-cared for lawn and landscape not only makes a great impression, it adds curbside appeal to any home or building. At Quali-Pro we take pride in helping professional LCO’s provide their customers with the solutions that make the best impression – time after time. And when you can deliver high-quality performance along with cost-savings, you have a distinct advantage – and that’s “The Basic Difference” that separates Quali-Pro from all other companies. Basic manufacturing capabilities allow Quali-Pro to develop and formulate new post-patent products that are “Equal To Or Better Than” the brands they replace. Consistent quality and value, in every product, makes a difference that gives you a competitive edge.


Sports Turf

turfIt’s all about the performance. And today, keeping your sports turf at its best requires better quality and value than ever before. That’s exactly what Quali-Pro has been delivering since day one — high-quality, high-value plant protection products, featuring the latest in formulation technology and unsurpassed performance results. That’s “The Basic Difference” and you’ll find it in every Quali-Pro product on the market. It takes dedicated professionals to produce the playing surface that can stand up to the game and remain a point of pride from the home team. Together, we can help you keep your turf at its best for less. That’s the winning difference and it’s all yours with team Quali-Pro.