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March 4, 2024

Introducing 3-D Foam Herbicide


3-D Foam Herbicide is the newest addition to the Quali-Pro portfolio. Quali-Pro is setting the standard for innovative and efficient weed control solutions. Designed with the busy, on-the-go turfgrass manager in mind, this powerful herbicide is a game-changer for maintaining pristine turf areas. Whether you're a golf course superintendent looking to keep your course in top shape or a Lawn Care Operator wanting to tackle stubborn weeds, 3-D Foam Herbicide is quick and easy, go-to product.

With its highly effective spot treatment capabilities, 3-D Foam Herbicide makes weed control a breeze. Its unique formulation, including MCPP, ensures rapid and thorough control of even the most stubborn weeds. Suitable for use on both cool and warm-season turf, this 3-way herbicide is a versatile solution for a variety of weed control needs.

Say goodbye to tough-to-control weeds with 3-D Foam Herbicide, which is rainfast within 30 minutes of application. Its convenient foam delivery system allows for precise targeting of weeds, minimizing the risk of overspray and potential damage to desirable turfgrass. Easy to use and reliable, this herbicide is a must-have tool in your weed control arsenal.

Stop tough to control weeds in their tracks.

Rainfast within 30 minutes.

Convenient, fast, and reliable weed control you can count on.

Directions For Use

This product foams on contact, to indicate what plants and plant parts have been sprayed.

1. Shake can just before use and occasionally between sprays.

Upright can

2. Stand close to weed (1 to 2 feet) with top of can pointed away from face.

3. Invert can, hold at arm’s length, aim at targeted weed, and press the applicator button. Product will emerge as a narrow stream and foam upon contact with plant surfaces.

Spraying weed

4. Spray briefly to cover center of weed and avoid over-spray. The foaming activity will spread outward onto weed leaves. Heavy application or overspray may cause temporary discoloration of surrounding desired turf.

5. One application will kill most weeds listed. Reapply in 30 days if weed shows signs of recovery.


Avoid overspray to minimize potential injury to desirable turfgrass. Apply only to dormant St. Augustine (common, Raleigh, and Seville varieties grown in TX, LA, MS only) and dormant centipedegrasses (TX, LA, MS only). Avoid applying during excessively dry or hot periods unless irrigation is used. For optimum results, turf should not be mowed for 1 to 2 days before and after application. Failure to observe all precautions may result in injury to turf and/or susceptible plants.

*Confirm the label use rate and state registration prior to use.

Bobby Kerr, Ph.D

Bobby Kerr, Ph.D. T&O Technical Services Manager

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