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October 17, 2018

Two Classes of Weeds, Two Solutions

Two Classes of Weeds, Two Solutions

Fall season is now in full swing, and with winter rapidly approaching, our fall preparation days are disappearing quickly. During this time, you are usually treating for Winter and Summer Annual Weeds.

Examples of Winter Annuals are; Dandelion, Henbit and Clover to name a few.

Winter Annuals are a class of weeds that will germinate in the late summer and early fall.  After germination, they will grow through the fall, through warm spells in the winter and continue their life cycle into early spring.  Examples of Winter Annuals are; Dandelion, Henbit, and Clover to name a few. They will then seed in late spring.

By targeting winter annuals in the fall, you will be preparing your lawn to be a denser stand of turf. Another pesky weed still around in the fall is Crabgrass.  Crabgrass is classified as a Summer Annual weed.  Summer Annuals will germinate in the spring or early summer.  The life cycle continues through the summer, and before winter, they will seed out and perish.

Controlling Winter and Summer Annual Weeds

Dithiopyr will also give you long control lasting well into the spring.

We have now established what the two classes of weeds are that need to be controlled in the fall.  If they are present, we will need to attack them two ways.  The first is with a herbicide called 2DQ2DQ is highly effective in controlling the Winter Annuals. The second chemical is Dithiopyr, which is applied to control the Summer Annual, Crabgrass.  Dithiopyr will also give you long control lasting well into the spring.  The combination of these two herbicides together delivers you the results you desire, ridding your lawn of those pesky weeds and will leave your lawn looking great for the remainder of the fall season!  Please make sure to follow all label recommendations when mixing and applying Quali-Pro products.

Dithiopyr 2L 2DQ

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