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June 18, 2024

Wipe Out Bermudagrass Mites with SUPRADO Insecticide

SUPRADO Insecticide Issued a 2EE for Bermudagrass Mites

Bermudagrass mites (Eriophyes cynodoniensis) have become an increasing issue in the US over the last several years. These tiny pests pose a challenge for turfgrass managers like yourself because of these characteristics: 

  • Mites are difficult to diagnose as they are so small (adults – 0.006 to 0.008 inch or 0.16 to 0.21 mm long. *
  • They are cigar or banana shaped, translucent and have two legs. *
  • The development from egg to adult takes about two weeks.
  • Each female lays about 50 eggs. 

The combination of tiny size, quick life cycle, and females producing a large number of eggs, makes diagnosing and controlling bermudagrass mites challenging. 

Control options on the market are currently limited. The 2(ee) for control of bermudagrass mites with Suprado offers turfgrass managers a new weapon in the fight. Suprado is already a well-known, trusted product in the market, and this 2(ee) provides a new utility.

*Chong, J.H. and Brown, M., 2018. Bermudagrass mite: searching for management solutions. Golf Course Magazine, 12, pp.58-63.

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Osprey's Oaks Club Director of Greens and Grounds Raves About Suprado: A Bermudagrass Mite Game-Changer

“With over 20 years in the industry, I have faced many challenges maintaining pristine greens,” says Gregory Jack. “For the past four years, as Director of Greens and Grounds at The Oaks Club in Osprey, FL, I have managed both a paspalum and a bermudagrass course. Last year, I came across a flyer about Quali-Pro’s Suprado insecticide, which had received a special exemption label for bermudagrass mite control. Initially, I was skeptical it would deliver promising results.” 

Jack’s team had struggled with bermudagrass mites. Often, they had to resort to multiple applications of abamectin or spirotetramat. While these solutions offered decent results, they weren’t quite hitting the mark. In their search for a more effective alternative, they decided to give Suprado a try. 

“The results were astonishing!” proclaimed Jack. After just one application, Jack and his team saw a significant improvement. Unlike other treatments, Suprado provided long-lasting control; a month after application, they couldn’t find any signs of bermudagrass mites. Jack was so impressed that he immediately contacted his Quali-Pro territory manager, Jeff Rampino, to share the good news and encourage him to spread the word. 

“I wholeheartedly recommend Suprado to my peers and colleagues,” said Jack. “The ease of application and the remarkable efficacy make it a standout product in the market. Given the hot and dry conditions we’ve faced in recent years, Suprado has been a game-changer for us. If you’re struggling with bermudagrass mite control, this is the solution you’ve been looking for,” Jack stated enthusiastically. 

 -Gregory Jack,

Director of Greens and Grounds 

The Oaks Club, Osprey, FL 

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