2DQ is a powerful three-way, post-emergent herbicide that provides control of 225 annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in both warm- and cool-season turfgrasses.

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Features & Benefits:
  • 3 unique mode of actions
  • Offers lower use rates
  • Integrated faster control (5-7 days) of Clovers, Dandelions, Ground ivy, Plantains, Spurges, Wild violets, Speedwell and many more
  • Safe to major turfgrass species
  • Quinclorac in the formulation replaces MCPP (reduces the Phenoxy herbicide)
  • Compatible with Preemergence Herbicides like Dithiopyr, Prodiamine and others
Use Sites: residential, industrial, institutional lawns, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, golf courses, sod farms
Effective Against: clover, dandelion, henbit, plantains, wild onion and many other broadleaf weeds
Active Ingredients: 40% 2,4-D 4.21% Dicamba 3.3% Quinclorac
Restrictions: Restricted Use in Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Texas and Vermont
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1 Gallon
Code: 83200011
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693001183 1 6.75 4 11.75 10 lbs.
Case 072693001114 2 15.25 9.75 12.75 42.5 lbs.
Pallet 48 cs. 2105 lbs.
2.5 gallon
Code: 83200012
Product UPC Quantity Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Weight
Each 072693001206 1 8.5 10 13.75 25 lbs.
Case 072693001213 2 14.25 10 15.5 52 lbs.
Pallet 36 cs. 1937 lbs.
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