Todal is an emulsifiable concentrate designed to move quickly into the soil to where parasitic nematodes are found for prompt, comprehensive control at the source. It helps shield roots from nematode damage and drought, which results in more durable, stress-tolerant turf that can recuperate more quickly from stresses like disease and aerification. Mixing Todal with a fungicide can improve root quality and result in a healthier, more tolerant plant.

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Features & Benefits:
  • Controls the most problematic nematode species on contact including sting, root-knot and lance.
  • Allows flexible application rates and season-long rotations for effective agronomic program.
  • Can be used in rotation with NIMITZ® Pro G for a complete Nematode program.
  • Todal is compatible with Quali-Pro’s Propiconazole 14.3, Strobe 2L, Strobe 50WG and Mefenoxam 2 AQ fungicides.
Use Sites: golf course greens, tees and fairways
Effective Against: turf-parasitic nematodes and bermudagrass mites
Active Ingredients: 1.9% Abamectin
Restrictions: Restricted Use in all registered states
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Code: 83100018
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Each 072693300187 1 7 3.75 11.5 8 lbs.
Case 072693301818 4 14.5 9.75 13 40 lbs.
Pallet 36 cs 1505 lbs.
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