Fosetyl-Al 80 WDG


Fosetyl-Al 80 WDGs systemic mode of action provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum preventative control of diseases such as Pythium and Phytophthora in turf, ornamentals and bedding plants.

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Features & Benefits:
  • Stimulates defense mechanisms, enhances plant vigor
  • Single application delivers up to 30 days protection
  • Foundation to unsurpassed summer stress control
  • University tested
Use Sites: Turf grass on golf courses, sod farms, industrial, municipal and commercial turf areas, conifer nurseries
Effective Against: pythium blight, lithium root rot, yellow tuft, phytophthora root rot
Active Ingredients: 80% Aluminum tris
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5.5 pound
Code: 83014188
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Each 072693337442 1 6.5 4 10.5 6 lbs.
Case 072693337411 4 14.75 10.75 12.5 26 lbs.
Pallet 32 cs. 897 lbs.
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