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June 4, 2024

A Closer Look At Fire Ants

Earning the reputation as one of the world’s worst invasive species, Solenopsis invicta or red imported fire ants (RIFA) are a major economic and public heath pest in many US states. These pests build large, dome-shaped mounds that can be unsightly and cause damage to turf. Additionally, their painful stings are a major concern for people who have allergic reactions to stinging insects.

Can fire ants avoid pesticides?

There is some research showing that fire ants may avoid some surfaces that have been treated with liquid pesticides. Additionally, one study found that fire ants may even cover some treated surfaces with soil particles to avoid contacting treated surfaces.


How do fire ants spread to new areas?

Most often, especially across long distances (like continents), fire ants are spread through human activity. They hitch a ride in potted plants, on lumber, in sod and other items. Fire ants will also spread naturally through mating flights which can reach upwards of 12 miles but are typically within a one-mile radius.

How far do fire ants forage for food?

Worker fire ants in a colony forage for food to bring back to the colony. These ants can forage up to 300 feet from their nest to find food. Typically, fire ant activity and foraging will occur when soil temperatures are between 70-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do fire ant baits work?

Fire ant baits are formulated to be attractive to fire ants as a food source. Foraging fire ants pick up the bait and then take it back to the colony and share it with their nest mates, eventually passing the insecticide to the queen and the entire colony.

Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait


What CSI product is a good choice for fire ants?

Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait is an excellent option for fire ants. This product’s label allows for both broadcast and mound applications for fire ant management. Apply the bait in early spring before fire ant populations grow large and again in the late summer or early fall to help manage populations year-round.


Control Solutions_Doxem FAB-25 Pound





Brittany Campbell, Ph.D., BCE

Technical Services Manager PCO Product Development

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