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June 14, 2023

A Closer Look at German Cockroaches


Cockroaches are built to adapt and survive. Because of this, and the fact they affect human health, cockroaches are a cornerstone pest that will continue to challenge PMPs everywhere. Heather Patterson, Technical Service Manager at Control Solutions, Inc., answers some FAQs about cockroaches and discusses CSI products available to manage them.

 1. Where should a PMP focus when making applications for German cockroaches? 

Applications for German cockroaches should primarily focus on areas where they are commonly found or are likely to hide and infest. Since cockroaches are attracted to food and will seek out moisture sources, kitchen and bathrooms are common hot spots for infestations. Some key areas to target include cracks and crevices around cabinets, sinks, pipes, wall voids and appliances. 

 2. Are there specific methods needed for killing German cockroach oothecae? 

Unlike other cockroach pests, gravid female German cockroaches will carry their oothecae until it’s ready to hatch. To affect the oothecae, use methods that will kill and control the egg-carrying females. Since gravid females forage and feed significantly less than others in the population, baits may be less effective against these individuals. Consider other methods that target harborage areas where she spends much of her time. 

3. What products are recommended to use alongside cockroach baits?

Baits are some of the most effective and widely used products for cockroach management. To be effective, bait formulations are specifically designed to be highly palatable and attractive. Using repellent insecticides alongside or over bait applications can result in contamination and avoidance. Proper product selection and combinations are important for the success of our services, so consider non-repellent chemistries when making applications in areas that have bait placements. 


4. How do IGRs affect a cockroach population?

Since immature cockroaches make up a very large part of a cockroach population, Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) are an effective solution that can stop an infestation in its tracks. Juvenile cockroaches exposed to IGRs undergo abnormal development that can result in sterility and death. By preventing immature cockroaches from becoming healthy, reproductive adults, IGRs break the insect’s life cycle and dramatically curb population growth. 

5. Can you tell readers about a CSI product that would be valuable for cockroach management services? 

Doxem NXT aerosol contains four non-repellent active ingredients (two of which are IGRs): indoxacarb, imidacloprid, novaluron and pyriproxyfen. It’s labeled for applications indoors, outdoors and in food-handling establishments where it effectively kills listed pests on contact while leaving behind a residual. Applicators can target hard-to-reach harborage areas at any angle with Doxem NXT, including upside down. It’s compatible with other non-repellent applications, like baits, and would be a great addition to your cockroach management service! 

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Heather Patterson

PCO Technical Services Manager

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