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January 3, 2024

A Closer Look at Silverfish

silverfish-metamorphosis-2With the holiday season wrapped up and a new year underway, many of us have been busy doing the storage bin shuffle. Boxes in and out of attics, sheds, and other storage areas where we keep our decorations and other seasonal supplies. Crossing paths with a critter during this process is no surprise for PMPs, and silverfish especially seem to always make an appearance. Greeting cards, cardboard boxes, and ornaments wrapped in tissue paper provide silverfish a happy retreat. Here are some FAQs about these pests:

What do they eat?

Silverfish voraciously feed on items that contain cellulose, starch, glue, and carbohydrates. Materials that are frequently observed to have silverfish damage include books, textiles, wallpaper, and other paper goods.

Are they harmful?

Silverfish are harmless to people and our pets. The problem with silverfish is the damage that they can cause to our personal belongings when they feed. The marks left behind after feeding include holes, etched surfaces, and chew marks along the material’s edge.

Why are they called “silverfish”?

They are called silverfish because of their metallic, scaly, fish-like appearance and movements.

Where are they commonly found?

Silverfish are common in residential homes, often appearing in small numbers. Museums and libraries are also good places to find these pests because of the abundance of favored food sources. They prefer humid environments and are frequently encountered in attics, bathrooms, and basements.

What CSI product is a good choice for silverfish management?

Doxem® Precise is very effective at controlling silverfish! This dry flowable bait is applied with the Precision Delivery System (PDS), and reaches deep into the cryptic cracks, crevices, and harborages where silverfish hide. Areas around appliances, stored boxes, wall voids, and behind exterior siding can be treated with this effective, durable, and discrete dry flowable product.

Doxem Precise

Heather Patterson

PCO Technical Services Manager

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