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June 28, 2024

A Closer Look at Small Flies

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We’ve all been there before – shooing away fruit flies from overripe produce left on the counter. More than just a nuisance, fruit flies, house flies, and other filth or small fly species can carry and potentially share disease-causing organisms with humans. Controlling flies in and around structures is important in our efforts to protect public health, and is a valuable service provided by PMPs. Let’s discuss some common FAQs about small flies:

Where are these small flies coming from?

Small fly larvae develop in moist organic matter which can include rotting or fermenting produce, gunk that has collected in waste receptacles, or the slimy build-up found in drains. Trust your nose to follow the odor, which is often a good place to start.

What are some places I should remember to inspect when facing a small fly infestation?

When conducting your inspection, check places that remain moist or hold organic matter such as trash cans, recycle bins, damp mops or rags, pantry and storage areas where a runaway potato may have escaped or forgotten produce was left behind, drains, garbage disposals, and grease traps.

How do I prevent small fly infestations in my home or kitchen?

Elimination of attractive breeding sites and good sanitation practices are the best ways to solve and avoid small fly infestations. Actions that align with these practices include refrigerating or tossing out ripened fruit, hanging up mops to allow them to dry properly, and washing or cleaning out waste bins.

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What is the reproductive and infestation potential of small flies?

Female fruit flies can lay upwards of 500 eggs, and it only takes about a week to complete the lifecycle from egg to adult. The fast development time and high reproductive output can lead to rapid population growth. The challenge is to locate and address the breeding sites, which is the key to success when managing small flies.

What product from CSI is effective against small flies?

Tekko Trio is a fantastic triple-action IGR solution for managing small fly populations. Areas such as mop closets, floors, floor drains, catch basins, around garbage or refuse areas, and other moist sites known to breed flies can be directly treated with Tekko Trio. Check out Tekko Trio Foam if you prefer a ready-to-use option!

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