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June 11, 2024

Conquer Summer Heat Stress on Your Turf with Quali-Pro

Protecting Your Turf and Landscape with Quali-Pro Solutions

Summertime can be a difficult time to maintain turfgrass and landscape areas. Despite our best efforts, certain stresses are par for the course. These, what I like to call "summer stresses" include regular mowing, trimming, and extreme weather conditions (hot and/or wet). These factors can significantly affect your ability to grow healthy turf and plants, whether you're in Northern or Southern climates.

No matter how well you maintain water and fertility as you head into the most stressful time of the year you will encounter extremes that are outside the average which will require some anticipation and prevention. This is where our Quali-Pro line of product can help protect your hard work and get your plants through the extremes of the year.

Pythium is a common pathogen during the heat of the summer. Being a saprophyte, pythium feeds on stressed out conditions which occur frequently in both the Northern and Southern climates of the United States. To help combat and prevent this disease we have a suite of pythium products for you to use on either turf and ornamentals.


  1. Gateway is a versatile product to use as a rescue or preventative application. When you are facing active disease and are looking for an effective knockdown you can apply Gateway at 0.9oz per 1000sqft. You will achieve control during overseed in the south or during the heat of the summer in the North. Gateway is also labeled for Root Rot Pythium which is difficult to control. For more detailed information on treating Pythium with Gateway click here to read more from Quali-Pro's Northeast Territory Manager, Shannon Slevin.
  2. Mefenoxam work as a knock down and preventative application that can be rotated in during the high disease pressure times in the summer
  3. Fosetyl-Al is a true systemic product with plant health benefits which can not only control both pythium root rot and pythium blight, but also help during the hottest parts of the summer with phosphite protection.
  4. Strobe is a broad spectrum fungicide which can control both patch diseases and pythium in turf and ornamentals. The Quali-Pro Strobe collection give you several choices to help protect your plants during the onslaught of disease pressure during the summer.

Pythium is a pathogen that affects both warm and cool season turf. It also affect landscape ornamentals and flowering plants. Using a program approach to prevent pythium is recommended. If you have any questions about how to set yourself up for a great summer and protect your hard work you can reach out to one of our authorized distributors in your area.

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Justin Ruiz, CGCS, MG

Quali-Pro West Area Territory Manager

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