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March 29, 2018

Introducing Strobe Pro Broad Spectrum Fungicide


Quali-Pro_Strobe-Pro-Gal-em Quali-Pro_Strobe-Pro-G-30-lbs-em

Quali-Pro is excited to announce that another new product is now available. Strobe Pro which is an Azoxystrobin and Propiconazole combination is now being produced and will ship this week. Strobe Pro is a great broad-spectrum fungicide that will compete with Headway® in the marketplace.

Strobe Pro is currently registered in all of the states except for Alaska, with restricted use in Vermont.

Strobe Pro G, a granular formulation of Strobe Pro is now available!

Strobe Pro Features

Strobe® Pro is a combination of two broad spectrum, preventative and curative fungicides, with systemic properties for the control of many important turfgrass diseases. Strobe® Pro may be applied as a foliar spray in alternating spray programs or in tank mixes with other registered turf protection products. Strobe® Pro is compatible with many commonly used fungicides, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and biological control products.

Strobe Pro Profile

Active Ingredients: 6% Azoxystrobin and 10% Propiconazole.

Packaging: 2 x 1 Gallon/case

Application Rate: See label for specific uses and rates

Signal Word Caution

Mode of Action: Azoxystrobin is a Group 11 fungicide. This family of actives interferes with the normal respiration of the fungus. Respiration is when the cell burns energy to do normal functions.

Propiconazole is a Group 3 fungicide. This family are known as DMI’s and they prevent the cell membrane from forming.

Target Diseases and Use Sites

Effective Against: Foliar, stem and root diseases such as leaf and stem blights, leaf spots, patch diseases, anthracnose, fairy rings, mildews, molds and rusts of turfgrass.

Application Sites: Golf courses, lawns and landscape areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields.

Quali-Pro Team

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