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July 11, 2023

NIMITZ Pro G – Back by Popular Demand

We’ve heard your requests! Nimitz Pro G is back!

Since joining Quali-Pro in 2021, I've been asked “when are you bringing Nimitz back” more than any other question! I have heard from superintendents, lawn care professionals and distributor representatives about the need for another option for nematode management programs. Over the last two years, the requests became overwhelming, and the Quali-Pro team began working on a plan to bring Nimitz back to the market. “So why all the buzz” you might ask? This product has some great advantages that make it a great fit for any integrated nematode management program!


Nimitz Pro G is the first true nematicide that has been invented in the last 20 years, other nematicides (including our Todal) are either fungicide or insecticide based which means they have multiple uses and can interfere with (or be interfered with by) insecticide or fungicide rotational programs. The active ingredient in Nimitz Pro G (Fluensulfone) has a novel mode of action and is specifically a nematicide, so it circumvents these issues. Add in the fact that Nimitz Pro G is truly systemic, and you have a product that is fantastic for endo and ectoparasitic nematodes including Sting and Lance.

Nimitz Pro G CTA

Unlike some other nematicides, Nimitz Pro G has a “Caution” Signal word, requires minimal PPE, has no REI and is safe for pollinators. This allows for flexible application timing and avoids course closures and the associated loss of revenue. Further, Nimitz Pro G is labeled for residential lawns, meaning lawn care professionals finally have an option for nematode control. Better still, Nimitz Pro G can be applied by rotary spreader, making it a perfect option for spot treatments.


There are multiple application programs with Nimitz Pro G, but the two that fit most courses are 4 applications @ 60lbs./acre every 28 days or 3 applications @ 80lbs./acre every 28 days with ¼” to ½” of water immediately after application to ensure proper movement into the soil.

Nimitz Pro G Brochure-CTA

Nimitz Pro G has a half life of 11-22 days and is active up to 45 days after a single application, so you can be confident the product is still working! Avoid plant growth regulators and wetting agents one week before and one week after Nimitz Pro G applications to prevent any overaccumulation of A.I. in the leaf tissue. Please refer to the Nimitz Pro G Detailer on our website for calibration recommendations.


In summary, Nimitz Pro G is a great option for Nematode control in all warm season turf typesIf you have any questions please reach out to me or your local Quali-Pro Territory Manager.

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Jeff Rampino

Quali-Pro Florida Territory Turf Manager

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