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April 30, 2024

Proactive Solutions for a Flourishing Spring and Summer Turf Season

Springtime is just around the corner on the West Coast as trees leaf out and flowers bloom.  As the turf wakes up and starts to grow, we begin to look at some of the common issues that await us as we get ready for the season.  Plenty of moisture and temperature swings of warmer and colder can be great for turf diseases as the lush new growth begins to pop.  Anthracnose can be a chronic disease through late spring and summer if not anticipated properly by utilizing some Quali-Pro Solutions.

Commencing preventative applications in late May and early June is a strategic move to mitigate the severity of Anthracnose and manage the increased disease pressure in the summer.  Enclave, four-way combination fungicide, is a versatile solution that can do much more than control Anthracnose during this time of year. Using Enclave as your first application can lay the foundation for a healthier summer. Subsequent applications, ideally spaced 3 weeks apart and using different chemistries, will further enhance the effectiveness of your prevention strategy.

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As you get into the heat of the summer and you are following the 3-week application schedule, using Strobe as another broad-spectrum fungicide will help keep Anthracnose and other summer stress diseases at bay.  Rotating this product into the three-week rotation with TM 4.5 and Chlorothalonil is a great way to navigate the summer months.  If you are interested in a program that is laid out over the entire season, you can download that below.

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Implementing straightforward preventive measures will be cost-effective and provide you with a competitive edge in effectively managing Anthracnose throughout the season.

To explore our comprehensive range of territory-specific Agronomic Programs, simply click HERE for more information.  


Justin Ruiz, CGCS, MG

Quali-Pro West Area Manager

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