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April 11, 2024

Fire Ants Are Active on All Turf Sites During Summer Months

 Eliminating Fire Ants on your turf

Golf Courses, parks, sports fields and residential turf sites provide recreation for millions of people every summer.   These sites also provide attractive living conditions for fire ants. Solenopsis are attracted to areas of fertile soil, high moisture content, and open, sunny areas. Fire ants are still very active mid-summer, although you may not notice them building as many mounds, do not be deceived. Fire ants exist in one of three stages; brood, adult workers or queens, and all life stages are present at the same time.

How To Control Fire Ants

You can incorporate Fipronil Broadcast, Bifen LP, Bifen IT & Acephate. Fipronil alone will be slow to control fire ants aby time of the year and can take 2-6 weeks to establish control.  Therefore it is best practice during this time of the year to apply a quicker acting insecticide like Bifen IT, Bifen LP or even Acephate.  However, these will still have to be combined with an application of Fipronil Broadcast for season long control.  It is best practice to apply Fipronil Broadcast late winter or early spring before the establishment of active mounds in the spring. 

Acephate offers the quickest control however it will be very time consuming with individual mound treatments.

QP-Taurus Trio G-2

For Best Results

Taurus Trio G is the perfect product for treating fire ants during late spring and summer season.  The Bifenthrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin will offer quick control in only a few days once it is watered in.  When the Bifenthrin and Lamda play out Fipronil will continue to control for the remaining time of the season.  Taurus Trio G also offers this in one application that saves the time of multiple applications.   Fewer applications equals more production for the day!  Taurus Trio G is built on a slightly larger partical with more uniformity than fipronil broadcast and competitive products.   This helps to deliver a more uniform application. 

Get total control of Fire ants this summer with a single product, get Taurus Trio G

Taurus Trio G CTA

Jake Wylie

Mid-South Sales Representative

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