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May 1, 2024

Pro-Spin: Combat Insecticide Resistance Like a Pro


The animal production industry is longing for a new insecticide class to combat resistant pest populations. Insecticide classes are being taken away faster than new ones can be discovered and introduced. Pro-Spin contains spinosad from the underutilized spinosyn insecticide class, to which there is no known cross resistance.

Spinosad is a natural product (similar to natural pyrethrins, an extract from chrysanthemum plants) produced by fermentation of a soil-borne actinomycete bacteria, Saccharopolyspora spinosa. It has extremely low toxicity to mammals and birds, and the EPA considers it a reduced risk pesticide.

Pro-Spin can be applied in and around poultry and livestock facilities without removing any animals. The label specifically lists poultry, beef, dairy, swine, sheep, feedlots, stables, corrals, and other animal housing structures.  Pro-Spin can be used as a general surface spray, spot spray, or crack and crevice treatment for the control of litter beetles, hide beetles, house flies (both adults and larvae), stable flies, little house flies, poultry red mites, and Northern fowl mites. Pro-Spin can even be applied directly to poultry for mite control.


A 2014 study[1] showed that a rotation using several spinosad applications increased resistant litter beetles’ susceptibility to pyrethroids and organophosphates. Their susceptibilities to lambda-cyhalothrin (the active ingredient in Cyzmic Synergized) and cyfluthrin increased 3.6 X and 3.4 X, respectively, following several spinosad applications. The study suggests that the synergistic interaction between spinosad and pyrethroids can be exploited in an insecticide resistance management strategy (rotation) to overcome pyrethroid resistance.

With the addition of Pro-Spin, Control Solutions now has an excellent rotation of three insecticide classes: spinosyns (Pro-Spin), pyrethroids (Cyzmic Synergized), and neonicotinoids (Dominion 4L). Rotating between these classes every 6 months gives each one year of rest. For the ultimate pest management strategy, tank mix each class with an insect growth regulator such as Tekko 10 or Pivot 10 to prevent immature insects from reaching the reproductive adult stage.


Benefits of Pro-Spin:

  • Flexibility to be used in any poultry and livestock facility with animals present and even on poultry for mites.
  • Extremely effective against litter beetles, flies, and mites
  • No known cross-resistance to other insecticide classes
  • Convenient container (16 oz bottle) that can treat 20,000 ft2 at the highest label rate.
  • Used in rotation, it can increase pyrethroid susceptibility by > 3x!

[1] Lambkin, T. A. and M. J. Furlong. 2014. Application of spinosad increases susceptibility of insecticide resistant Alphitobius diaperinus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) to pyrethroids. J. of Economic Entomology. 107: 1590-1598

Always read and follow label directions of use.

Danny McDonald, Ph.D.

Danny McDonald, Ph.D. Tech Services Manager, Animal Health

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